Club Member & Runner of the Month August 2020

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : John Dey
Club Member : John Clayton

Congratulations to all nominations as below


1. My runner of the month after a great deal of thought goes to Anthony brr . He is 100% motivated .always keen to run with different people at different paces . Keen to improve all aspects of his running . listens to good advice …mostly. Brought cycling and swimming into his game. Now has a day off a week to let his body recover…somtimes 2 days . Deserves some recognition for all his efforts.
As for member of the month im finding it very difficult to think of anyone I will get back to you on that one

Phil White

2. Nominating John Dey for ROTM for his amazing effort at Run The Lights 10k and achieving his first sub-45 time.

Nominating Barry Skelton for member of the month for constantly showing us new routes around his locale to challenge the legs.

John Dey

3. ROTM David Bertwistle

MOTM John Clucas

Thank you

Wendy Byrne

4. ROTM for me this month is David Birtwistle, absolutely flying as usual but is just getting faster and faster
MOTM for me is Graham Jordan who continues to raise money for our charity of the year

Chris Hardy

5. Been a bit of a busy one with BH weekend, kids, kids and back to school !!

Had a tough choice between 4x distance runners who have inspired me in Aug, Phil White, Lee Denton, Jason Rippendale and David Birtwistle, not just speed & distance but nice guys. I’d like nominate Lee Denton as it’s been great to run with you last couple of weeks, enjoy the chats, and has given me the nudge I need to up my game a little bit more – thank you

This month I would like to nominate John Clayton for setting up Saturday cycling, looks great and well done

Anthony Furnell

6. Member, John Clayton for organising the cycle routes and supporting the slower members of the group (usually me) never leaving anyone behind
Runner: Debs Clucas, struggled with the shielding during lockdown but picked herself up, dusted off and set about exercising every day, sometimes running sometimes walking, but trying her best to keep moving.
Inspiring people are my choices this month.

Michaela Douglas

7. MOTM John Clucas, For arranging the BRRSafeSaneSupportiveRun challenges. Thanks for the effort John. A great way of keeping the members interest up. ROTM Lizzi Watton. I think she has done every one of these Safe sane series great effort, and she’s stepped up her distance training to do the virtual London Marathon.

Ged Johnson

8. Runner of the month for me is David Birtwistle. He has had a fabulous running month. He has shaved more than 2 minutes off his 10 mile PB earlier this month, ran 17 extra miles home, raising some money for charity. He continued with the high volume of training, running 307 miles this month, and ran 15 miles at 5.56 pace!!!

My Member of the month is our John Clayton. He has organised some brilliant cycle trips on recent Sundays and has really looked after everyone making it really fun and enjoyable. He’s a great leader. Thanks John!

Joanne Croasdale

9. Runner of the Month
Goes to Sid Makinson, he just keeps his head down on his RED, he’s doing really well and is one of a few who have kept their motivation levels up throughout COVID, respect for what he has achieved and he’s a worthy nomination

Member of the Month

John Clayton- JC has started his weekly cycles which is getting other club members and guests out and about on their bikes, he’s organising the trips and last weeks day out to Blackpool I’m sure was a great day for everyone. John also highlighted this week he has been diagnosed with PTSD, a fantastic thing to do to highlight to others it’s ok not to be ok. Well done JC

Not sure if I can vote now I’m on the committee but thought I’d put my thoughts down if I can

Mark Vaughton

10. He’s had some issues in the past with injuries and some other things but during lockdown he’s been working very hard on training. He’s then managed to smash his 10k PB in Blackpool at the Run the Lights. Sub 45! Fantastic achievement!

Gary Blackburn

11. Runner OTM: John Dey for his fantastic progress this year. He performed incredibly in the Blackpool 10k, absolutely smashing his target. Well done to him and also to Alex for pacing him to perfection. I’m very sure there’s lots more to come from John in the near future.

Member OTM: Anthony Furnell. He runs, he cycles and now he swims. What he also does is promote positivity and inclusion. He looks out for others so selflessly (including myself) and is such a star.

Special mention also to John Clayton and Andy McArthur for leading and welcoming all to their group bike rides, which always looks good fun.

Many thanks

Karen Rishton

12. ROM
Anthony Furnell
For being so positive and including all runners in his runs- Often going out of his Way to include other members in his runs and great progress in his running( and cycling too)

John Clayton
For encouraging members to get out on their bikes and organising the routes

Deb Clucas

13. Deborah Mary gets my runners nomination as she has just passed half way on her amazing challenge and she is doing it in style, a variety of exercises with interesting posts for the rest of us and hope she achieves her goal 👍best wishes

Harry Catterall