Club Member & Runner of the Month August 2018

Congratulations to this months winners for August 2018

Runner of the Month – Kate Rippingale
Two V40 wins this month at Preston 5 & Pilling and PB at every race – super strong running.

Special mention to Dave Almond for breaking the overall club 5K Record.

Member of the Month – Matt Simpson
Arranging the Trail Race to precision which wouldn’t have gone ahead without his involvement this year and encouraged mixed ability teams which improved club relations.

Special mention to Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner who did a super number crunching job organising a well supported Handicap run which again was precision.

Thanks for all the below nominations, you’re all appreciated !
What a superb month August was all round.


1. ROTM Dave Almond for smashing the 5k club record – if he can do that injured wow
MOM – Christine Warrington for supporting others whilst she slowly comes back from injury
Deborah Clucas

2. ROTM Angela Coulter. This lady is a dark horse in the running world. Racing legend this and is proving that by smashing out some fab times. Also a lovely lovely lady. Its been a pleasure to have been part of ur running journey this year Angela.
Moth – Sid Makinson. Took the Friday group when i was unable to. Also really supportive and encouraging. Love running with you Sid.
Tracy Davies

3. ROTM for me, without a doubt this month is Kate Rippingale. She has gone from strength to strength picking up v40 prizes all over the show. She’s worked tirelessly to get her 10k PB and absolutely smashed it at Pilling. For someone who has her own health problems, she is showing the rest of us that nothing needs to get in your way. Well done Kate. Really chuffed for you.
MOTM is Matt Simpson for all his work on the Witton Trail Relay. It was a superb event with a lot of work and thought was put into it. Every runner ran with someone who they wouldn’t normally run with, a great way to encourage interclub relations (hope that doesn’t sound strange! Ha!) Matt executed a brilliant night and created atmosphere at the club.
Sinéad Whittaker

4. ROTM – Like to nominate the little female pocket rocket Jeanette Baron some fantastic running and personal goals achieved just lately
MOTH – Matt Simpson for organising the relay with of course I believe was awesome I know we can only nominate one person but special mention to Sinéad Whit for helping to
Tracey Slater

5. MOTM – Matt Simpson for all his efforts organising the trail relays.
ROTM – Mark Vaughton for his impressive and consistent improvement as he works towards his forthcoming marathons, including a cracking 10K PB!
Dave Almond

6. ROM is Kate Rippingale, smashing PBs left, right and centre whilst looking fabulous. Well done Kate.
MOM is Annika for doing a sterling job organising the club kit. Thank you Annika.
Jeanette Baron

7. I would like to nominate for MOTM Matt Simpson for organising the Witton trail relay event.
And ROTM Sally Heppenstall for completing the West Lance Summer Triathlon.
Amanda Burrows

8. This months noms are ROTM Dave Almond and MOTM Matt Simpson
Chris Almond

9. Please can I nominate Ashley Weir for ROM and Rose Kay as mom. Both are fabulous runners and give of themselves. Thank you xxx
Christine Warrington

10.ROM – 100% Gemma McCauley! Gemma completed an online virtual challenge of 100 miles and kept it quite quiet! Whilst achieving this amazing milestone for herself, she also dragged me along for 75 miles of it and made sure I completed it!! I’ve never ran 75 miles in my life!! Thank you Gemma. You deserve more than just a Tshirt for this. Dragging my arse out and looking after me! Amazing achievement.
MOM – Joint between Nickie O’Hara and Kayley Almond. Without these two fantastic ladies (and Gemma) I would not have completed my 75 miles. They were both amazing. Making sure I got out of the car during meltdowns and Nickie looking after me during my breakdown run up Buncer when I eventually caved in and called my parents to collect me. Kayley making sure I got my miles in whilst teaching me to boomerang!
I would also like to mention Ian Goodliffe too for keeping me sane on that crappy run I had back from Riley Green (and most my runs) ! Thank you Ian! 😀
Katie Haworth

11. My nomination for runner of the month is Dave Almond, having spoken to him quite a bit recently he is an inspiration and his 5k club PB was awesome. Special mention again to Mark Vaughton who continues to amaze me with his training and excellent progress.
Member of the month is a difficult one as there’s so many people doing so much(in the background too) but I’ll nominate Sue Wolstenholme for her engaging so many of our members in the Keep Blackburn Tidy scheme.
You’re all winners in my eyes really
Graham Jordan

12. Noms for August rotm Dave almond motm Sally Heppenstall
Neil Grunshaw

13. ROM – Kate Rippingale – Kates training has really been paying off and this month has seen her win age categories and get a PB. She’s doing brilliant
MOM Kathryn Gardener – for organising the club handicap race, was a brilliant evening and an occasion that really demonstrated what a great club we have. Special mention to Matt as well for organising the trail event as well. I was unable to attend this month hence I could not consider it as a part of my nomination.
Mark Vaughton

14 – This month I’d like to nominate Dave Almond for runner of the month, he’s had some fantastic times this month and taken the club 5k record.
Member is really tough this month as we’ve had two fantastic club events, but I’d like to nominate Matt Simpson who decided to organise the trail relays when they otherwise wouldn’t have been on, loved the way it was organised as so inclusive for all members, special mention also goes to his glamorous assistant Sinéad.
I’d also like to give a special mention to Kathryn for organising the handicap race again which was another brilliant event
Annika Halsall

15.ROM – Christine Warrington – coming back quietly and carefully and smashing her parkrun every week – oh and the awesome “race faces” she provides week on week!
MOM – Kathryn Ashcroft – for a flipping brilliant event with the 5K Club Handicap. Lots of work behind the scenes with the “science and maths stuff”. A really great evening racing with a lot of the club members coming together to create a brilliant atmosphere!
Kudos Mentions:
Rose Kay – for just being Rose. She’s there, in the background, always encouraging… always running… and clocking up the miles (don’t forget those 1000m last year!) – shes just bloody awesome!
Sinead Whittaker & Matt Simpson – for their trail relay race – it was great to be involved on “the other side” marshaling and taking photographs and they put on a fab event for all the runners!

Nickie O’Hara

16.My nomination for ROTM is Dave Almond came back from injury focusing on short distances now paying off with another club record always willing to help others too
MOTM my nomination for this goes to Andrew Chatterton for organising the Velodrome it was a fab experience and great fun
John Hannon

17. My nominations are:
ROM has to be Kate Rip. I am beginning to live in her shadow! Her recent hard work & weight loss have ultimately led to her PB’ing every race she runs in at the moment & for her two V40 wins this month at Preston 5 & Pilling. I know she has more to give yet & will only get faster!
MOM would be Kathryn AG for her ‘Rain Man’ ability to work out & run the Club Handicap after 5 weeks in the Spanish sunshine soaking in gin!
Jase Rippingale

18.ROTM – It has to be Kate Rippingale. Great performances with PB’s left right and centre. Preston parkrun, club handicap, the 5 miler and Pilling 10k. Age category wins along the way and going from strength to strength. Top running Mrs Rip!
MOTM – Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner. Organising a great event and gutted I couldn’t be part of it. The pictures show what a great event it was. Smiles all round and the organisation looked spot on. Well done!
Michael Goodliffe

19.Nice and early for once. Here we go
Member- Kathryn, the handicap is a brilliant event to run in, looks a nightmare to organise! At least for Witton Trail I only had to draw names out, no number crunching and chasing folk for predicted times. A huge amount of patience and work required but much appreciated by members new and old.
Runner – Often we nominate outstanding races and or times but runners who train hard and properly get overlooked, for this reason I’m going for Jon Turner, I shall miss his (daily) run posts. But more importantly his methodical and patient training for Chester is a great example of how to prepare for a big race. He’s made a plan and stuck to it, fingers crossed it all pays off on Oct 7th.
Matt Simpson

20.ROTM – Dave Almond for breaking the club record in the Podium 5k, brilliant time!
MOTM – Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for organising the club handicap, super job!
Gillian Rushworth

21.This month is too hard to nominate, soo many superb runners ,and fab members
Runner of the month is Sally heppenstall
Member of the month is Tracy slater
Katrina Grunshaw

22.can i please nominate runner of the month Dave almond for smashing club record and continuous fab running. Kathryn Ashcroft gardener for member for last night piece of awesomeness
Michaela Douglas

23.My nominations are two great girls who are obviously really good friends and running buddies, and who both contribute massively to BRR
ROM Kate Rippingale who looks amazing and is so determined to do well. She has been improving week on week achieving some super speedy times and winning prizes. Well done Kate
MOM Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for an amazing Club event on Wednesday. It was superbly organised and a lot of fun. I was very nervous of running this race I’m not gonna lie but I ended up loving it! Thanks Kathryn
Joanne Croasdale

24.Rom David Almond
Mom David Short
Craig Douglas

MOM – Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for organising a fantastic handicap, the time and effort that went into that I can only imagine.
ROM – Amina Parveen – for getting out and doing her first solo run this month x
Tracy Eccles

26.MOTM- Matt Simpson for organising Witton relay at such short notice!
ROTM- kate Rippingale for smashing her PB at pilling. She is doing fantastic since she’s come back from injury!
Aadila Mulla

ROTM for me is Lizzi Watton, running her 50th parkrun showing amazing determination and some achievement.
MOTM for me is Kathryn Ashcroft-gardener for organising a well run and planned BRR handicap
Chris Hardy

28.Runner of the Month: Kate Rippingale. PB after PB, she’s blasting it at the moment and looking great. Special mentions too to Joanne Weir, Shell Sears, Annika Halsall, Dave Almond and Mark Vaughton who have all worked hard, lost weight and done the business in races.
Member of the Month: Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for the amazing amount of thought and effort that must have gone into organising the Handicap Race. Bravo!
Nicola Murphy

29.I would like to nominate Matt Simpson as Member of the month for his amazing organisation and success of the trail relay race.
I got mixed up last month not realising it wasn’t till August.
Adele Mauback

30.ROTM Dave Almond 5k podium. Overall club record + 25 secs off M50 club record
Member- Kathryn A G for organising the handicap
Ged Johnson

31.ROTM Sally Heppensall.
MOTM Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner.
Thank you
Wendy Byrne

32.ROTM: Joanne Weir for her 1st vet 45 over the 4 race series at Hunters 5K series.
MOTM: Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for successfully organising the Club Handicap.
Rose Kay

33.ROTM Dave Almond I voted for him last month for smash club records and he’s carried it on this month again by smashing his PB and club record. He’s on fire 🔥
MOTM – Kathryn Gardner for the club handicap and what a good job she did yet again.

34.Runner of the month – Mark Vaughton – Mark’s commitment to his training is amazing, including his diet and weight loss! He is consistently smashing his training runs, well done Mark – Warsaw look out!!!
Member of the month – Kathyrn Ashcroft-Gardner – so sorry I couldn’t be part of the recent club handicap 5k but its clear how much hard work Kathryn put into what looked like an amazing night!Fab pics and comments from all participants
Well done Kathryn!
Tracie Wilson

35.Member of the month I nominate Matt for organising the trail relay with mentions for Sinéad who did lots with Matt and also of course Kathryn for the handicap again.
For runner I nominate Joanne Weir for winning the hunters 5k series but Dave almond also deserves a mention for beating Matt Simpson’s club record (sorry Matt 😄)
Nicola Halsall

37.ROM – I’d like to vote for Kate Ripp, her running has gone from strength to strength since the stress fracture and she’s managed her training and performances in a brilliant way which have seen her progress massively. Sometimes when you spend a lot of time with someone who excels, does amazing sporting deeds all the time it can be a bit tough! But these performances see Mrs Ripp bringing home the trophies 🏆
I really want to mention The Real Ged Johnson in the ROM category, absolutely blasting through his training and races having managed his training back through serious injury, something I know he’s passionate about club members understanding, as Kate is, that a come back is possible if you manage it well. And you can be better than ever! 💪
MOM – I’d like to vote for Nickie O Hara, not only fantastic running performances showing progression through managed training but amazing promotion of the club and club running via her social media platforms which I know have influenced our profile and our club ethics.
I haven’t spent much time running, still trying to manage injury but when I do see you all it’s such a pleasure and I’ve had some great support from club members recently. So thank you 😊 you rock 👊
Sally Heppenstall

38.Runner Dave almond
Member Matt Simpson for organising the rail relay. A shout out to Catherine for sorting handicap
Joanne McClean

Inspirational lady Kate Rippendale
Bouncebacked and has lots of resilience .. & always lovely with it

Organised, disciplined and well presented brilliant handicap race. Such a happy event & happy runners 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️
– Kathryn Ashcroft Gardener

Special mention to Nickie OHara another inspirational runner who brings the clan together with her fun antics and heartfelt stories
Cathy Kilshaw

40.I would like to vote for Sally Heppenstal for ROM for completing her first Tri and doing it with a constant smile on her face.
And for MOM Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner for organising the BRR annual club handicap race.
Catherine Horne

41.Dave Almond for ROTM he’s been incredible this summer.
Matt Simpson for MOTM for his organidation of the witton relay
Linzi Birch Dearden

42.MoM – Kathryn for such a well organised Handicap especially sorting it all out just a few days after returning from her summer hols!
RoM – I’m going for Dave Almond for such a fantastic Club Record 5k time and a great month of running.
Ashley Weir

43.Really difficult month with so much volunteering and great running
Runner-Dave Almond for not only breaking a category record but the overall 5kone! Massive kudos to Kate Rippingale who has had a great month on every run she’s done but is still on the up and even more to come from her! Can’t believe Dave Almond can get any better so deserves it on his peak month.
Member -Kathryn AG for so much number crunching executing the best ever handicap! Really well supported and great night. Again massive appreciation to Matt who organised a super trail run !
Susan Wolstenholme

44.ROTM Nickie Ohara MOTM Kathyrn Ashcroft Gardner
Sheryl Wynne