Club Member & Runner of the Month August 2017

Congratulations to this months winners for August 2017 

Runner(s) of the month
Shirley Hargreaves and Lesley Dewhirst (SBU 35 mile Ultra)- really testing your boundaries ladies

Member of the Month
Sally Heppenstall (organising EA coaching sessions, weekly assistance with newsletter and support to runners)

So many great performances and contributions so please read all the fab nominations – just as important to be recognised as the winners

A particular mention to super performances this month from Jason Cook, Joshua Crowther and Jo Sharp and to all the SBU runners


1.Runner, all the SBU runners are worthy but a special little nomination for Jason Ripp. After a tough few months with a gammy leg and some results he wasn’t pleased with he goes on to knock 45 mins off last years already impressive time. That for me is some impressive running.
Member, I’m going for Sally. After probably deserving a good rest post ironman support she’s arranged coaching sessions with EA, sadly I can’t make them but what a great benefit to the club, and if nothing else the ‘balls to the wall’ hashtag made me chuckle!
Matt Simpson

2.Rotm for me his Andrew chatterton he is smashing PBs left right and centre well done Andrew it’s a privilege to have been able to see you smash some of these run’s
Motm – Denise brogden always there on the sidelines come what may with bells, tambourines,first aid kick, job lot especially her favourite vasline lol
Tracy Slater

3. Member of the month is Brian Cross as he has turned his life around and got back on track. Well done Brian, we are all behind you.
Runner of the month is Rick Slater for his selfless pacing of members to get them to where they want to be. Cheers Rick
Jeanette Baron

4.Aarrggghh…struggled with this one this month. I’ve too many to choose from but…
MOTM Kate Rippingale…great support and always there to support at sessions even though she can’t run currently….and all with a smile.
ROTM Shirley Hargreaves for her epic effort leading up to and at the SBU. A cracking performance on very tough terrain. I’m sure she will have been an inspiration to some of our members
Margaret Morley

5.ROTM – Jon Turner who is smashing his marathon training week on week.
MOTM – Shirley Hargreaves for raising money for her ultra.
Emma Wright

6.Member of the month for me is mick Spencer. Last few weeks I have been down to the Monday night open run and he is always organising a top route and sorting the group’s out, thanks a lot!
Runner of the month is Nicola Murphy, going about her marathon training in the right way and last Sunday did her longest ever run and ran strong!
Michael Clucas

7.member of the month joint members..kate Ripp and Lisa for there fantastic support and help at the sbu.
Runner of the month Mr John Hannon for taking on sbu in his stride with no probs and made it look effortless
Jason Cook

8.MOTH John Clucas. He is always running. Came on the Metric Training. His encouragement was fantastic and the info he gave us all was fab.
ROTM Margaret Perkins. Rocks up at all the races, runs her legs off and usually comes away with PB.s at every race. She is also a fab training buddy and her sweet supply is defo worth this award.
Tracy Davies

9.ROTM – Jason Cook – excellent month of running by doing not only the marathon in Scotland and getting well placed but also the SBU, awesome
MOTM – Tracy Davies – not only coordinating Friday night runs but also doing an amazing job collecting for foodbank
Chris Hardy

10.I can vote for runner(s) of the month n for me it’s got to b the awesome SBU’ers Joanne Bingham

11.ROTM too hard to choose really but I’m voting for John Hannan for his first SBU35 from couch to ultra!!
He is always so positive about running even when he finds it a challenge he embraces it!
MOTM tracy davies for keeping our local families going by collecting for the food bank and ensuring we all get our chester miles in, organising minibuses for us! Nothing is too much trouble for our Trace!
Shell Sears Hardy

12.Runner of the month goes to Jason Cook. Some great performances in Nairn, Scotland and the SBU, Lake District this month. A top runner and a top fella. Always an inspiration to other runners.
Member of the month goes to Joanne McLean. She is always there when it comes to helping out with marshalling etc. Despite her injury, she has never lost her enthusiasm for helping at running events. Good to see her taking part in the parkrun.
Michael Goodliffe

13.ROTM Margaret Keighley completing SBU just a few weeks after Ironman UK
MOTM John Hannah Consistently supporting other members on Sat club runs wile training for and then completing the SBU
Dave Almond

14.Runner of month Maggie Ainslee
Member of month Tracy Davies
Joanne McClean

15.Runner of the month Margaret Morley, to complete the iron man and then an ultra is amazing. Also cookie for 6th place!
Member of the month John Hannan he helps so many runners every Saturday and helped me in the ultra he is a true gent he truly deserves this award.
Shirley Hargreaves

16.I think an awesome special mention has to go to our first time ultra runners Margaret, Lesley, Shirley, Jeff, John, Dave n Matt, who did an awesome job, as we dont give trophies out to everyone.
ROTM for me then goes to Ellie right who keeps popping up with pb’s and placed and who has run virtually every day.
MOTM for me goes to Tracie Davies, for her organisation of the Friday training runs n the superb foodbank arrangements.
Dave Short

17.Rotm Josh crowther
Motm Ged Johnson
Michael Speak

18.Shirley and lesley for their sbu run . Those hills on the pictures with tricky tarragon under foot were something else.
Along with a massive well done to the rest of gang that is an achievement way beyond my dreams , it’s up there with iron man status for me .
19.Member of the month I think should be Margaret Morley for supporting runners in sbu and also planning and supporting the loch Ness gang in their training.
Katie Turner

20.ROTM – Jason Cook for bouncing back from Liverpool with a very strong run and 6th position at the SBU35, especially after drinking the Highlands dry during taper week!
MOTM – Ged Johnson for supporting so many others whilst recovering from his knee ops.
Jeff Whitfield

21.My nominations are Josh ‘Ginger Ninja’ Crowther for runner of the month. It’s not always about who’s the fastest, but he’s just getting better and better.
Member Tracey Davies for her organising of Friday runs, foodbank donations and sorting travel to the wedding of the year .
Graham Jordan

22.Runner of the Month: Josh Crowther. Everything I’ve heard about him this month has impressed me – his winning races, his unbelievable training and his healthy diet. He’s a lovely lad and a great example to us all.
Member of the Month: Carla Jenkinson for her organisation of the netball team. Well done Carla.
Nicola Murphy

23.Bit difficult being off radar but I’ll have a go. ROTM is Jason Ripp for me. Coming back from injury and smashing his PB at the Ultra. We know how hard it is for Jase when he’s injured (not as hard as it is for poor Kate! Ha!) and he came back and is feeling confident again. Great to see him back at his best.
MOTM is Denise Brogden. I’m not sure we realise just how much this lady knows all the runners, supports all the runners and genuinely gets everywhere she can despite her ailments! Making supporting monasteries like bells on sticks and taking photographs. Your support is appreciated Denise.
Sinéad Whittaker

24.MOM Tracy Davies ROM Joshua Crowther.
Martina Rimmer

25.Another month of inspirational running. I feel so lucky to be a part of the crazy gang that is BRR.
As for nominations well there are so many amazing people I would hate to miss anyone.
A special mention has to go to the SBU brigade – I hope to be brave enough to join you one day
So here goes –
MOM – Donna Shannon
This month she has taken on total warrior – Darwen Gala train run and is also a member of the netball team – she is a great all rounder and a credit to the club
ROM – Jason Cook
He just keeps getting stronger ! from half marathon age catagory winner to ultra runner – there is no stopping this guy.

Rowena Falcon Doherty

26. My vote for runner of the month goes to lesley! They all did fantastic doing the ultra but lesley is the one you would not expect to do one and complete .she has been quietly training away for it and deserves some recognition. Member of the month is a hard one but I have to say ged. Even though he has had an injury he has been at most races supporting and encouraging people. Hope this is OK
Phil White

27.ROTM – everyone who did ultra for the first time what an achievement! If I I can’t pick all of them then I will pick Jason Cook for coming 6th!
MOTM – Sally for organising the EA coaching and all the hard work she puts into the club with marketing newsletter etc
Aadila Mulla

28.Runner of the Month – Jason Cook, a month of strong and tough running, the Work that goes into running at this pace can’t be under estimated and a Age Cat win and 6th place is awesome but he could get the award every month ( and did so in May) so I nominate the lady heroes of the SBU Shirley Hargreaves and Lesley Dewhirst.
Member -Sally Heppenstall- the EA nights she organised have been so useful, weekly assistance preparing the newsletter and supporting the netball team
Susan Wolstenholme

29.I’m going to vote for the SBU runners for runner(s) of the month, with an honourable mention to Josh Crowther for his multiple wins and club records broken in August. For member of the month I vote for Sally Heppenstall for arranging the visit from Phil from England Athletics. They have been great sessions.
Anthony Harvey

30.Rotm.Josh crowther for beating club record at city of Preston 5 mile with a mighty impresive time of 27.06. Flying
Remain anon please
Motm cant decide as yet

31.Runner of the month – Joshua Crowther
Absolutely awesome time for the Preston 5 Miler – Joshua is just a machine!
Really well done (but can I also say massive congratulations to the SBU 10 – incredible group of runners, it was impossible to single one out)
Member of the month – Sally Heppenstall – Sally’s organisation of sessions with the EA coach have gone down a storm- great advice and ideas to make our strong runners even stronger! Thanks Sally
Tracie Wilson

32.ROM: I’m nominating the whole SBU crew.
For completing a colossal, courageous, epic challenge. I’ve enjoyed and been in awe of their training adventures, especially the 3 peaks.
MOM: I’m dedicating this to Andrew Boardman.
I’ve never met Andrew, I just know and feel he is an amazing guy. Andrew is an ongoing inspiration to us all and an upholding legend of BRR. Happy Birthday Andrew

33.ROTM – Shirley Hargreaves for her SBU35 and raising money for charity in the process
MOTM – Tracy Davis for organising member donations to Foodbank and helping those in need – the reminders of what’s needed are helpful, thank you.

Gillian Rushworth

34. struggling with the nominations this month especially as those fab sbu folk did so well. If I have to pick 1 of them for ROTM it would be John Hannon as he is such a great runner and a gentleman.
For MOTM, I think Sally Heppenstall is doing loads of extra things for the club and keeping herself going through injury too. Thank you xxx
Christine Warrington

35.ROTM – Andrew Chatterton for me. I think he has PB’d every race he has run this month and is flying at the moment.
MOTM – joint for Nicola Murphy and Mick Spenny Spencer. Always organising the Monday night open runs even when they are away and for taking the time out from their weekend away to drive down and support me running Salisbury and keep Karen company.
Michael Lilley

36.I would like to nominate you for the club member.
You work so hard for the club , keep us updated with all the information we need and are very supportive and encouraging to us all. Thank you xx
Liz Skupski

37.Two ladies impossible to separate
Shirley Hargreaves and Lesley Dewhirst for the SBU35 ( I know Margaret Morley did this too but she is an Iron Lady lol) x
Mom – Graham Jordan for his endless pushing of easy funding – although not sure John would agree as it’s forcing me to spend too much
Deb Clucas

38.I’d like to nominate Lesley Dewhirst for runner on her first ultra. Well done lesley
I’d like to nominate kate rippingale for member for her amazing support role supporting all the sbu runners
Sharon Short

39. would like to put forward my vote for rotm- all of the SBU runners
for their amazing achievement this month – very inspirational – well done guys!!
Michael Lilley for motm – he is doing a fantastic job of keeping going on all his monthly marathons and again just such an amazing phyiscal and personal achievement – keep going Michael – all of BRR are backing you!
Claire Brewer

40.I would like to nominated for ROTM all 10 sbu runners as they all did amazing.
And for MOTM Sally Heppenstall for organising the EA Coach and the work she does on the newsletter.
Amanda Burrows

41.Runner of the month has to be one of the SBU runners. I’ll go for Shirley as rotmfor smashing the off road and getting faster in general.
Member of the month for Sally Heppanstall for sorting out all the coaching sessions.
Adam Holden

42. Mom Sally for the EA sessions. ROTM – the SBU lot
Natalie Chatterton

43.My runners of month are shirley and Lesley for the SBU.
My members of month are Joanne and Jane for working quietly behind the scenes and sorting out results and sending out certificates.
Jen Allen

44.nominations this month….
Jason cook ROTM
Mick Spencer MOTM
Sheryl Wild

45.ROM for me has to be the SBU gang but if I have to pick just one then it would be Jason Cook!
MOM Tracy Davies for her efforts rallying products up for the food bank.
Carla Jenkinson

46.MOTM – Lisa ingham for supporting at SBU with photos and updates.
ROTM – Michael Clucas for all the miles he does in training as well as races, not only that I ran with him last weekend (well he ran back for me lots of times ) He supported all the Group and he makes it so easy!
Michael Spencer

47.MOTM Sally for being an active member of the committee, specifically organising the EA training. ROTM Lesley tough old bird stepping up to Ultra.
Ged Johnson

48.Motm – Carla Jenkinson for leading the netball team to victory
Rotm – Joshua Crowther for coming first at the Witton Parkruns he did this month
Jonathan Mallinson

49.Rotm/ a hard decision this month so many to choose from but going for jimmy hindle for is ironman challenge. Motm going for sally happenstall for all her commitment and encouragement for the 3 ironman in there training.
Rotm/ a hard decision again this month so many to choose from but going for for joshua crowther for is 5mile preston win /Motm going for tracy davies for her food bank charity
Neil Grunshaw

50.I would like to nominate ROM – All the SBU runners just amazing!!! They are an inspiration to us all. MOM – Margaret Morley. She has given her time to help us in our long runs in preparation for the Loch Ness marathon and her encouragement and support has been amazing. We couldn’t do it without her.
Tracy Hickey

51.Hi, please can in nominate Jason Cook for ROM for the SBU and his half in Scotland and Jane Matthewman and Joanne Weir for MOM for the work they do with the results, I really like receiving the championship certificates x
Ellie Wright

52.ROM – Joshua Crowther amazing runner with awesome speed and a club record at Preston 5 miles.
MOM – Richard Slater always supportive and helpful with pacing
Andrew Gaskill

53.ROTM All the SBU runner’s
MOTM Joanne Weir.
Thank you – Wendy Byrne

54.ROTM: Jason Cook who came first in his age cat at the Nairn Half Marathon and came 6th at SBU.
MOTM: BRR Ladies Netball team for their wins..!
Rose Kay nominations are rotm John hannon
motm ashley weir
Ashley Dean

56.My nomination for ROTM is Jason Cook podium finisher and finishing in the top 5 at SBU gives great advice to other runners.
MOTM my nomination is Tracey davis for her hard work organising the Friday’s run groups
John Hannon

57.So I’m really struggling to do the nominations this month because Adam’s dad died 2 weeks ago after a week in hospital and today was the funeral. I’ve missed a few runs and feel out of the loop with what is going on at the mo but Sinead’s post has rightly made me feel I should nominate even if I get it totally wrong.
ROTM – Lesley Dewhirst – its hard to choose from all of the SBU participants but I remember you (Sue) buying the race entry for Lesley for her birthday so the fact she didn’t even enter it herself and completed it is absolutely fantastic – well done Lesley you are just brilliant (so are all of the other SBU runners) xx
MOTM – Janet Weir – loved seeing her run Natters in on the Fleetwood half marathon and helping Nat achieve the sub 2.30 that she wanted. Teamwork and support at its best – well done Natalie and Janet xx
Gina Smith

58.ROTM – Josh. Some awesome racing winning Parkrun twice, winning the City of Preston 5 miles, and 3rd place/1st senior male in the Darwen Gala race
MOTM – Rowena. Always steps up to lead groups/take charge, she is funny, a great motivator and really looks after everyone in her group. Nothing is too much trouble for her.
Joanne Croasdale

59.Sorry last min again
ROM – Jason Cook – he’s made a great comeback after his awful experience in Liverpool – 6 hrs 35 mins for 35 miles is incredible and also 1st in age for the half in Nairn the week before – just superb
MOM – Ashley Weir for all his hard work behind the scenes – thank you Ashley – love our running club x
Lisa Rowe

60.ROTM – Richard Slater. Just awesome running for two consecutive 200+ miles months
MOTM – Tracy Davies. Organising Chester training and Foodbank collection. Brilliant.
Anthony Grady

61. I would like to nominate Jo Sharp for runner of the month. Being an overall winner of the ladies 10k Blackpool is an achievement in itself.
I think Rick Slater deserves member of the month ad he is so supportive as a fellow runner and will help and support you through any race whether its a 10k up to a Marathon x
Linzi Dearden

62.I know I’m late, but could I nominate each and every one of our SBU35 ladies& gents for ROTM & Joanne for MOTM for volunteering to do the prosecco for Chester
Nicola Halsall

63.My nominations don’t appear on the post… I’ve copied them here
Hi, nom for ROM is Jason Cook for his recent brilliant performances in Scotland and at the SBU..
MOM is Sally Heppenstall, mainly for the partnership she has forged with England Athletics, resulting in the recent coaching sessions she has arranged. She also does an invaluable job via Twitter and other outlets, supporting and promoting the club.
Jeanette Hickey