Club Member & Runner of the August 2016


1. ROTM – Christine Warrington. For sheer grit and determination to improve in her running, gets stuck in and enters into all the events, great company on a run, and pulls the best camera faces!
MOTM – Special mention to Sinead & Matthew (behind every great woman in this case….) brilliant sports day. But I vote for Christine Platt for all the work she does on the vests etc. But also she’s a top supporter / photographer / all round lovely person helps no others and being patient with our orders!

2. Runner of the month – Jason Rippingdale
Running the SBU ultra, and training whilst on holiday in 30odd degree heat tells it’s own story. Plus a sharp performance in the club treasure hunt.
Member of the Month – Sue Wolstenholme
After a difficult few weeks as a club, Sue was a strong matriarch for members and lead from the front as usual, both figuratively and literally.

3. My nominations for this month again are the 3 guys who did the Iron Man unfortunately with everything that has gone on these 3 Josh Jeff and Scott think they did the club proud sheer guts and determination not to mention the amount of time put in for training don’t think we have had 3 club members ever takin part at the same time hats of to you Moth My vote goes to Denise brogden she turns up to support at nearly every event loaded with first aid kit and kitchen sink even vasline ( she likes this bit I wonder why ) with cowbells and tambourines she always sees everyone in and is a shoulder to cry on x

4. Runner of the month , Ellen Barkworth
Member of the month , Sinéad whit!

5. ROM: The SBU35 dream team. Every one of them amazing!
MOM: Ashley & Joanne Weir for taking over the running of the speed sessions whilst Andrew and Kathryn were on holiday.

6. Hi Sue, I would like to nominate Jane Mattewman again as my runner of the month as last month she had some great PBs and does lots of work behind the scenes for the good of the club.
My member of the month is Ged Johnson as even though he is out through injury at the moment he is always ready to support and turns up in the unexpected places to cheer runners on.

7. Hi Sue ROTM – My vote is for Jon Turner. He has put a really consistent months running in and has upped his best ever total in a month by 30 miles. Running a good pace in heat at times and working hard to get his fitness levels to the standard required to complete Chester in the target time.
MOTM. My vote is Claire Fahey. She selflessly leads her 5-10km group and creates an atmosphere of fun and everyone enjoys the runs she leads. She has taken over the Sunday Social running group and has created a lot of fun and laughter with that event.

8. I would like to nominate Jason rippengale for runner of the month for doing his first ultra this month in the lakes well done
I would like to nominate Claire fahey for her contribution to the social runs and helping out with the c25k groups keep up the good work

9. MOTM – This month I’m voting for Brenda/Eileen for joint Members for a superbly organised Treasure Hunt, really good event! It could have been Sinead/Matt for Sports Day but she could win it every month! Cheryl Schofield is worthy of a mention too for taking on and organising the Friday Group Run, although she has had a few able assistants too!
ROTM – For runner, I could go for one of the ultra men, very admirable efforts, however Lee Denton continues to PB his races, Pilling 10k a couple of weeks ago! Sub 41min for his age grade is really top going!

10. Firstly apologies as this going to be a long one !
Runner of the month: Joanne Coulthard
She seems to pop up in random places running ! It can be hard to run when you have no support but her at the seven bridges half marathon should not go un noticed.
Member of the month :
Well it has been an emotional month with lots of highs and one hell of a big low !
I believe that this last month has shown how strong we are as a group – in fact we are more than a group we are a family.
I have thought in previous months it was hard to nominate but this has been the hardest. So many people have stepped up and shown what great support can achieve.
For this reason I found it so difficult to single out one person, therefore I turned to the sports day to decide my member of the month so it has to be Gina Smith – she showed honesty and integrity and did not cheat during the egg and spoon final !

11. I’d like to nominate Dave Short for both if I could because I can’t decide which he deserves more. I’ve seen him here, there and everywhere doing his training for the ultra whilst still being brilliant at keeping everyone motivated in his Saturday morning group. He’s an absolute trouper.

12. As I can’t nominate myself ;-)….my nominations for this month are:
Member – Sinéad.
So much energy and enthusiasm when organising the sports day and now cracking on with the Christmas do. Real positive impact on morale
Runner – the ‘Ultra’ guys….. for obvious reasons!

13. Rotm has to be Jason Rip, 37 miles and a 29th place is just mind blowing.
Motm ilike to nominate Ashley and Joanne for covering the speed sessions in the absence of the usual co-ordinators.

14. Runner of the month Shell Hardy who is training for her first full showing her determination to get her training in. Member has to be David Craig again his determination to come back after injury and embrace the return to the club. He always listens to advice and gives other runners positive feedback x

15. Runner of the Month
Dave Short for running the Ultra and all of his encouragement he gives out to other runners
Member of the Month
David Craig for over coming his loss of running mojo and for doing a solo 13 miles in the process

16. Runner of the month Roger Phillips.
Member of the month John Hannan

17. I would like to vote for Dave Short as runner of the month (unless all the guys that did the ultra can all get the award?) And I would like to vote for Joanne and Ashley Weir for all their hard work at the speed sessions and at the off road millennium events. Thank you xxx

18. here’s my nominations for ROTM Dave short Jason rippingale and Pete Chesterton after all 3 have just done their first ultra marathon it goes to all three for me well done guy’s awesome achievement.
My MOTM is Jonathan Mallinson may not be the fastest runner but always improving himself just got a pb at Blackpool this weekend too and first in age category. Helps out on the park run when he can and c25k occasionally

19. Runner of the month I would like to nominate David Haworth
member of the month I would like to nominate Natalie Natters Chatterton thanks

20. RUNNER: DAVE SHORT – 1st Ultra Marathon
Summer organiser extraordinaire – camping, barn dance, sports night, Chester hats and I’m sure much more
Perhaps this should be shared with her wing man Matthew Simpson

21.Hi Sue, probably far too late, but my nomination for Runner of the Month is Jason Rippingale for absolutely smashing his first ultra. member of Month is my last month’s nomination Michael Lilley. Has shown boundless enthusiasm these last few months. Besides upping his own game he has been a real encouragement to others in his group runs.

22. Members – Brenda & Eileen for the well executed treasure hunt
Runners – Jason Rippingale and Dave Short for a mega first ultra each