Club Member & Runner of the Month February 2020

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Josuha Crowther 
Breaking the club record with a 2:34:41 marathon

Club Member : Matt Taylor
Such a motivator for getting the weekly track sessions up and running and coaching them bi-weekly


1. April ROM. Ellen Pope. After a really bad injury in early March she is once again doing what she does best, building slowly and training steadily, improving day on day and demonstrating a text book approach to returning to running fitness so she can compete in the trail races she loves when they return to the calendar. As always she does this without fuss or fanfare!

MOM George Bell BRR through and through. Need I say more?

Anna Barcroft

2. ROTM : some great performances and a few PBs this month by BRR but I’m going to have to nominate Josh Crowther for breaking the club marathon record at a quicker pace than I did my 5K! Awesome 👏

MOTM: Matt Taylor for encouraging participation in the track sessions and working with Mark so there’s a structured session each week.


Joe Gleave

3. My vote for Runner of the Month goes to Trudi Jenkinson . I have been running with her for the last 12months and have see her go for strength to strength. She has worked extremely hard with her running and becoming more disciplined in her approach .
Her performance last sunday was the icing on the cake for her , a fantastic time and a great run , I know there is more to come from Trudi , her confidence has grown 100% and she is now a very strong confident runner .
Member of The Month . My vote goes to Kieran MB, he has worked tirelessly sorting out the groups and booking system and deserves recognition for his hard work

Phil White

4. My member of the month is Kieran for all his hard work as COVID officer. He’s coordinated risk assessments together with organising the groups on Mondays & Wednesdays, and more recently the track events on Friday. He’s done a superb job bringing BRR group running back safely and I’m incredibly grateful to him.

My runner of the month for April has to be our Joshua for his amazing 2:34 Marathon PB. His focus, determination and attitude has given him the result he wanted and everything he does is always with a huge smile!

Joanne Croasdale

5. I’d like to nominate Barry Skelton for MOTM April. Barry has been teaming up with others during Covid. Always willing to run at whatever pace to suit the other runner. I’m aware of at least 4 BRR members he’s run with, there are prob more. For me personally he got me out of bed on 8 or 9 Sun mornings and introduced me to the Hoddlesden off road routes. An unsung hero. He’s partial to open water swims and a bike ride too.

Ged Johnson

6. Member of Month
Kieran for sorting us all out 3 times a week. It’s great being back with people doing what we all enjoy and it all starts with the admin. Kieran is helpful sorting out the group leaders, shows who is running when, cancels people when necessary and just cracks on doing it.

Runner of the Month
For gritting it out every Friday, Mark Vaughton. Every week before track, he almost talks himself out of it, sometimes as far as cancelling, then books himself back on! He comes down, runs hard then puts in an extra special final lap to properly finish himself off! Hardcore.

Matt Taylor

7. Runner of the Month: Josh Crowther for his incredible sub-2:35:00 marathon
Member of the Month: Matt Taylor for pushing to get the brilliant speed sessions back up and running and volunteering to co-host them

Nicola Murphy