Club Member & Runner of the Month April 2020

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Gail Bamber
An NHS job role hasn’t stopped her running 175 miles this month and being very motivating to others

Club Member : Craig Douglas
He has offered his expertise to mend bicycles for club members to vary their exercise in the lockdown, free of charge and has serviced over 10 so far. Very thoughtful.

A big clap to all the below nominees, many of who completed RED. The club don’t endorse running every day but appreciate in these unusual times it fits as a goal for many. Kudos to Jason R who helped a distressed runner earlier in the month.


1.ROTM for me is Gail Bamber who is just doing a great job doing the RED challenge
MOTM for me is Deborah Mary for helping out with a successful virtual London marathon challenge for us all

Chris Hardy

2. ROTM – Paddy Dohlen…. Since joining he has shown tremendous team spirit, his pace is absolutely fantastic and he has proven to be an asset to the club. Recently he has been nursing a rather cute puppy too…..

Big shout out to Kieran MB, Anthony Brr, Gail Bamber and Rick Slater doing fantastic miles

Motm – this is the hardest one for me….. Tracy Slater. A very talented lady indeed. Her live feeds have kept me glued. She is a very kind, compassionate, and generous lady who deserves some recognition.

I have to give a big shout to Christine Warrington. Omg that baking she did was hilarious and it really did brighten up my day. Slightly reminded me of Victoria Wood. Fantastic.

Tracy Davies

3. ROM: Chris Almond for sticking to the guidelines in isolation & creating a Strava run map that actually made me laugh out loud – fantastic effort!!

MOM: Richard Slater, selfless attitude, helps others achieve their goals, celebrated a wedding anniversary and all-round nice guy 😊

Chris Jolliffe

4. My vote for runner of month is Gail Bamber member of the month Anthony BRR
David Morris

5. Gail Bamber for ROM
Just such awesome mileage this month by Gail and speedy aswell…still working hard for the NHS and getting some fabulous runs done…you have been superb running lady ⭐️⭐️💙💙

Kath Jump for MOTM
Well done to Kath for managing her frontline job in these really challenging times but still doing good getting out running and doing the miles solo or with her favourite running bud Sam 🐶💙
Claire Brewer

7. MOTM – Tracy Slater, for her show of kindness as she constantly bakes for different charities and her home baking videos are brilliant, so motivating and encouraging

ROTM – Gemma McAuley, has trained so hard on training runs incorporating loads of hills, her monthly elevation is phenomenal and her 10k challenge time was clear proof of how much she has improved her pace

Gail Bamber

8. I’d like to nominate john clucas for member. I realise he’s had it before but he does so much fantastic stuff and the challenges during lockdown have been great. He deserves it again.

Runner of the month Anthony BRR who’s been running every day, not simple/short routes and from a recent injury comeback.

Neil Fraser

9. ROM

Donna Mazur
Takes part in every challenge set and is getting faster and faster.


Tracy Slater
Almost daily baking videos are keeping all of us entertained and she even bakes for people she has never met, baking a birthday cake for a 6 year boy and loads of cakes donated to Calypso for distribution to people in need 👏🏻👏🏻

Deb Clucas

10.My noms for this month are:

ROTM: Rick Slater. Rick’s photos pop up on fb every morning, he’s using his lockdown time to get out running every day, he’s looking really well for it and is obviously using running to keep himself sane. He’ll come out of this with a massively strong base for racing.

MOTM: I’d like to put Jason’s name forward. On an evening run at the beginning of this month, he passed a well known local runner from another club who had got into some difficulty and was a few miles from home. Jason stopped, managed to flag down a passing police car, and whilst waiting for them to stop, caught the runner as he started to suffer from a seizure and fell. Jason put him into the recovery position and held his head off the floor until the episode has finished and managed to make the runner comfortable until the paramedics and more police officers arrived. They were all wearing PPE, but Jase was just in his usual vest and shorts. When Jason arrives back home he apologised to me for breaking the 2 metre social distancing rule (I’m high risk), saying that there was no way he could have left the runner. A selfless act and the way I hope any of us would behave if we saw someone needing help.


Kate Rippingale

11.ROTM – Anthony BRR.
He has been a real inspiration in a very difficult month. Seeing his RED posts has helped me (and I’ll bet many others) put my running shoes on & get out there.

MOTM – John Clucas.
Again, his challenges have kept me on track. Have really looked forward to seeing what he sets us next & seeing everyone’s updates & photos.

Take care,
Lisa Fraser

12. Couple April nominations from me.

Runner: I know many doing RED but my total respect and admiration goes to Ian Goodliffe (Pony). Seen him out loads myself and I know how far he has come and a trike deserving gent.

Member: Mr Craig D. What a guy fixing bikes like a Tour de France mechanic. He’s done one of mine and currently got the other and when I’ve been his house there’s bikes galore he’s fixing. All to keep himself busy and do a great turn to us runner come cyclists. Top bloke👍👍

Kelvin Sole

13. Can I please vote david morris for runner of the month and Anthony brr for member of the month
Katie Morris

14. ROM – Anthony Brr – got through injury in the most positive way built back up to running and raising money with a head shave! Superb spirit!

MOM – Tracy Slater – loved those baking blogs – I can’t bake for toffee but so good to see and hear a friendly face
Sally Heppenstall

15. Could I nominate Craig Douglas for member of the month. He did something very different this month, offering to repair members bikes for free. He has been inundated and does a first class job.

For runner it’s difficult as we’re basing it in training. I’ll say Anthony Furnell. He’s come back from nowhere, to 200 miles for the month. I’d like to say be careful Anthony, but great running.


Graham Jordan

16. ROM great to see lots of people joining in with the challenges and/or running for health and well being. I’d like to nominate Kath Jump for demonstrating this in spades,finishing off today with a solo half marathon run.
MOM I wanted to go for one of our NHS hero’s but which one to choose? Eventually I settled on Claire Bridge for her philosophical and heart warming attitude to the disappointment of missing London and also for her commitment to her voluntary service with St John’s Ambulance. Am I the only one who yells ‘Claire’ every time she pops up on TV 😃😃

17. R.O.M. Gail Bamber , doing 11/12 hoir days with NHS and stiil goes out and does a RED April , pure dedication and deserving of praise.MOM Tracy Slater for her brilliant online baking classes for us all , and the fact she donated some of her baking as well .Thank you.

George Bell

18. Member Tracy Ann for her Facebook live baking school

Runner Gemma Mcauley for continuing to improve even during lockdown

Kayley Almond

19. ROM – Gail Bamber, she’s done amazing this month on her RED challenge whilst working at the hospital as a key worker.

MOM – Anthony Furnell, he’s always super enthusiastic when it come to all the challenges and his positivity is great to see – I’ve really enjoyed all his posts this month and what a fantastic mileage achievement too!

Gemma McAuley

20. Noms for April rotm Anthony brr for is red april, motm Tracy Slater for all her cake making .

Neil Grunshaw

21. please can I nominate Debbie Clucas for member of the month, the ideas behind John, I’m sure!
And Rick Slater as runner of the month, has anyone checked if he has batteries up his bum? I can’t believe how energetic he is.
Thank you

Christine Warrington

22. Good to see you yesterday, don’t think i’ll venture out in this rain 🙄 can i please nominate; member, Craig Douglas for giving up his time (despite still worling full time) so that BRR members can mix up their regime and get their bikes back on the road
Runner, Nickie O’Hara for getting those trainers back on and getting out there on her own 👍

Michaela Douglas

23. below are my nominations for the runner/members of the month

For runner of the month I’d like to nominate Anthony BRR for completing his RED April, amazing mileage and just for being a lovely, supportive member of the club! ☺️

I think he has recently won but I’d really like to nominate John clucas and express a huge appreciation for the challenges he’s been setting during lockdown. He has give me something to look forward to and take part in. He has deffo succeeded with keeping us safe, sane & supported ☺️

Kate Youd

24. Hope I’m right messaging here for runner and member of the month.
Member of the month – can I nominate Craig D for helping loads of people by fixing their bikes.

Runner of the month – David Morris for his RED April. Not just doing a few miles a day but some proper good distances every day. I think he has done so well this month.

Miriam Hamilton

25. Please can I nominate David Morris for ROM. Smashed his run everyday challenge with brilliant mileage. Special mention to the amigos too!

For MOM Kate Rippingale for her hard work still sorting all the memberships out during these trying times 😃
Matt Chester

26. ROTM: Kath Jump. Not only is Kath a valued key worker during this difficult time, she’s also an inspirational club runner. Despite the current stresses concerning the virus, she remains to be positive and encouraging delivering her run reports, which reflects so well on others. She’s also a super runner, ever-improving and such a kind, friendly person.

Special mention to David Morris, Kieran McBride, Anthony Furnell and all others who ran every day for Red April or achieved their running targets. Well done.

MOTM: Craig D (surname unknown to me, sorry). Craig kindly offered to service bicycles for Club members and free of charge. This meant that our runners can have other exercise options during the lockdown. What a kind gesture.

Special mention to ALL key workers who risk the dangers of the virus, particularly those in the medical profession. Thank you. 💙

Many thanks,
Karen Rishton

27. Member of the month has to go to John Clucas his BRR challenges have been fabulous and have kept a lot of us going during these unprecedented times – very creative and motivational well done John

Runner of the month for me would be Anthony BRR his achievement of RED has been phenomenal especially after coming back from injury too – his posts make me smile and his running has come on leaps and bounds well done such a brilliant achievement


Kath Jump

28. ROTM
Jason Rippingale with no race results to go off,the amount of miles Jason has covered this month is over 300 averaging over 10 a day that is some going
Craig Douglas for his amazing offer to repair peoples bikes free of charge. Also a big shout out to Lorna Bowes for donation of ingredients and Madeline Haworth for kind donation for cake ingredients.

Tracy Slater

29. Runner of the month …Gail Bamber
member of the month … kath Jump

Donna Mazur

30. Runner of the month – Jason Rippingale for surpassing his crazy three hundred and odd mileage record! Bonkers that lad! 🥴

Member – John Clucas for organising so many great little isolation events. Great to see how the club still thrives in times like these! 🙂

Adam Booth

31. Such a difficult month for nominations with so many people achieving so much. My vote is a combined vote for the 3 amigos. All completing a Red April and then Anthony & Kieran also joining Steve with their Covid cuts to raise money for the NHS. Best wishes,

Daniel Hill

32. First of all I want to thank everyone for making me runner of the month in March. I was so proud. There might be a few tears spilled when I get the trophy.

As there was no races or organised runs I want to nominate one of the run every day members. It was a difficult decision but I’ve gone with David Morris. I’ve run into (pun intended) David a lot over the last couple of years at races and parkruns. He was a Red Rose runner then. He’s done so well this month. Well done David

This was a hard decision too. With nothing much going on I decided to nominate another of the Red Every Day members, so I nominate Gail Bamber. Well done on your achievement.


33. MoM. A low key but nevertheless thoughtful and practical offer from Craig Douglas to fix bikes for club members deserves recognition. Going out of your way and putting the hours in to help others is a Douglas family trait!
RoM. Very difficult to choose this month. For setting a great set of challenges and participating in them himself I will nominate John Clucas, a BRR great.

Graham Henry

34. I would love to nominate
MOM – Tracy Ann
Over the last month she’s been truely inspirational with both her baking videos, her happy smiley attitude, her cake donations, 36 yr anniversary, cake for a 6yr old boy, and the everyday hero award to name but a few.
She epitomises everything that is good in these testing times and brings happiness to others – thanks Tracy x
Also big shout out to John Clucas for all of the challenges 👏

This was really tricky as there was quite a few and I’ve shortlisted David Morris, Gail Bamber and Gemma McAuley.
It’s was difficult but I’ve gone for David for his amazing mileage this month, completing RED April and great Newsletter article. He’s been a great motivator that has helped me out, getting on with his running and doing so well
Well done everyone else this month as there’s been lots of great running 👏

Hope you have a lovely rest of the evening, speak soon
Anthony Furnell