Club Member & Runner of the Month April 2019

Congratulations to

Runner of the Month : Neil Fraser
He executed a sub 4 hr marathon on his first attempt after text book training and then continued to achieve a 5k and 10k PB this month, going from strength to strength from being s non runner a few years ago!

Club Member : Mark Vaughton
He has motivated other runners this month and raised a significant amount of money for the club charity by running the London Marathon.



1.Runner, Neil Fraser, his stats speak for themself and running a fast marathon hasn’t stopped him continuing to PB short runs.
Member, Mark Vaughton, I don’t need to go into too much detail, but since taking on the task of London for our charity he’s been nothing short of phenomenal.
Special mentions for Harry and the relay members, especially George Bell, who also ran for 9 miles the week after to help Michelle.
Graham Jordan

2.I’d like to vote Gary Blackburn as runner of the month for achieving 15letters in park runs.
I’d like to vote Graham Jordan as member of the month for consistent hard work he does for the charity. Thanks
Adele Mauback

3.hope you had a great weekend. we had loads of fun. Can I please nominate Janet Weir for runner of the month. She executed an amazing marathon plan and smashed Manchester on the day. For member I would like to nominate Graham Jordan for organising the relay teams, a sterling job done 👍
Michaela Douglas

4.I would like to nominate Neil Fraser for ROTM.
Outstanding training leading to smashing his first marathon in Manchester followed by PB’s in Parkrun, 5k & 10k distances by minutes not just seconds. He has come such a long way and has completely got the running bug! Very proud!

I would like to nominate Tracy Davis for MOTM for her positive attitude when she decided to pull out of Manchester but then committed herself 100% to supporting her friends both in Manchester and London and on the run up to both, especially as she has had personal things to deal with. This lady is brimming with PMA!

Lisa Fraser

5.I vote Neil Fraser for both…. for doing his first marathon and acing it, and then for going on to smash his PB times in 5 k & 10 k races!!!
Kate Youd

6.It is always tough to do nominations in April when there is 2 marathons on(Manchester and London) as well are 10k and 10 milers, triathlons and Park runs so to pick one performance is so near on impossible BUT here goes:
ROTM is Cathy Gardener for not only getting a huge pb at London but raising alot for charity
MOTM is Ashley and Joanne Weir for again raising cash towards a worthwhile charity and staging events etc
Chris Hardy

7.This month has been a really tough one with two big marathons and loads of other stuff going on. I am however going to stay away from the marathons in my nomination this month.
Around 12 months ago Mark Lougheed contacted me about joining BRR, since he first started coming down I’ve watched him go from strength to strength with his running and his times are getting quicker and quicker. I’ve seen PB after PB but not only that I’ve seen his friendship circle within BRR grow and grow. He’s done brilliant.
Special mention as well for Dave Lloyd who achieved his goal for a GFA at Manchester against all odds after putting in a fast mile towards the end to get there with seconds to spare.

MOM – really tough one this with so many supporters at the VLM and Manchester marathon as well as so many giving so much for BRR.
My nomination this month though goes to Claire Brewer who on her Birthday weekend put others before her and game to London to support the BRR strong in their goals. Commitment like that makes BRR a special club to be a part off

So much more I could say about so many
Mark Vaughton

8.ROM – 100% has to be Gemma Mcauley!! She continually smashes her challenges and nailed her first marathon!! And then decided (after half a bottle of wine), to just go out and run a half marathon… because you know, what’s half?! She’s inspiring more people than just me with her determination, she never gives up and is always positive! Proud to call her my friend!!!

MOM – Jeanette Baron and Kayley Almond.
Jeanette for being a hero and baking Stanley a birthday cake at nursery – the photos alone make me cry!! I know Jeanette! I know!! But it meant so much!!

And Kayley for (sounds madness) introducing me to hinching! Running related because I’ve now found ways to free up a bit more time from working/mum life to come running. Thanks for sticking by me in my madness and making me feel I AM in control!!
Katie Haworth

9.ROTM is Neil Fraser who is storming every outing at the moment, PB’s galore. Well done Neil.

MOM is Barry Skelton who organised a fab run and eat, great off road route, even if we did lose Brenda lol. Cheers Barry.
Jeanette Baron

10.Noms for April rotm Janet weir for her marathon, motm Graham Jordan for all his charity work
Neil Grunshaw

11.Well what an eventful month my nomination for ROTM has got to be the great lady Norma Smith she smashed London came 13th in her age category that is just awesome .
Susan wholstenhome not only has this lady cleaned the street’s of Blackburn while carrying Joseph .Sue has still had time to carry on her duties has chairperson and also came down to London with the little one true Blue
Tracy Slater

ROTH – Tracy Hickey…. It has been a hard last few weeks of Tracy’s marathon plan with being cautious of running on a niggle. As we all know that sets our heads into turmoil so near to a marathon. Raising money too just adds to the pressure. An emotional journey for Tracy but one she absolutely smashed. Be proud London Marathon Lady x

MOTH – Mark Vaughton. We all know he is a fantastic runner but his dedication, inspiration and desire to achieve the best for the charity he ran for is why I have nominated him for this award. Everyone can run but when you run which such passion, to me, that makes a different kind of runner. Mark you inspire many. London was a tough one for you but so many watch you from a far and know that anything is possible if you run with your heart. Well done mate x

I.d also like to mention Michael Goodliffe. What an absolute legend.

Tracy Davies

13.ROM – Gemma McAuley – out of all of the marathon and half marathon training these past few weeks, her dedication stood out to me, mainly because it was her first marathon and the majority of the training was done on her own. And then she just rocked up to Blackpool last weekend to smash out another half…

MOM – Nicola Murphy for keeping the Monday night open run ticking away in the background with interesting routes and meeting point “challenges” this month.

Extra mention – all the people who travelled down south to support the London. Marathon runners. It’s amazing to see what a fabulous community we have as a club.
Nickie O’Hara

14.RoTM – Carla Jenkinson for her triathlon.. amazing!
MoTM – Gary Blackburn – for getting 15 letters on the Parkrun alphabet challenge already!!
Gillian Rushworth

15.Runner Katheryn Ashcroft Gardner, textbook run at VLM and great prep after some setbacks and an inspiration to others.

Member Karen Coram – immense support to Brr runners at events and helps out a t couch also!
John Clucas

16.ROTM – Jason Rippingdale – Age category record smashed at Hale Village 5 miler a day after a really tough 10 miler at Caldervale and two days after his holiday. Also for reaching 1000 miles in under 4 months (mentalist)!

MOTM – Ashley Weir – Always keeps us up to date with important information, stats and new events on the portal. Always feel like I’m in the know.
Adam Booth.

17.It’s always difficult singling people out with the marathon season making it extra hard. Fantastic achievements by many.
ROM – Norma Smith. A fantastic runner who just quietly gets the job done. An inspiration!
MOM – Cathy Gardiner. She executed her marathon training plan perfectly drawing on her Loch Ness experience. Then went on to run London and smash her fundraising target.
Tracy Hickey

18.My nominations for this month are;

Mark Vaughton – Acted as unofficial pacer for other BRR at Manchester so that they could achieve the times they wanted. Also ran London for the club charity doing both the club and charity proud.

Neil Fraser – Neil’s training & focus for Manchester was excellent and paid dividends on the day getting him a well deserved sub 4. He’s not finished there though and has pushed on getting PB’s at 5k & 10k in the last couple of weeks. The latter in awful conditions in Blackpool so more to come in the next few months.

Matt Lynch

19.I’d like to nominate Neil Fraser for ROTM he’s had a cracker month 1st marathon and knocking out PBs for fun
MOTM Karen Turner Coram for her support at numerous event’s and for pushing the Bentham marathon 😁
John Hannon

20.Runner – Neil Fraser, gone from non runner to fast runner and showing how training and strong will can get you there, a sub 4hr marathon and other distance PB’s,think he’s shocked himself! Also kudos to all marathon finishers especially Norma Smith placing 13th in her age range at London and Andrea Sturgess who knocked out a stunning first marathon at Manchester

Member- Tracy Slater for so much cake making for charity and a big well done to Barry Skelton fit arranging such a popular run and eat
Susan Wolstenholme

21.My nominations are:

Runner of the Month: Joanne Croasdale

Joanne has on brilliant form these last few months. Her most recent running achievements being the Half Marathons, including Lisbon. Her greatest one being the London Marathon, which she consistently trained for whilst documenting her journey. She has done herself proud. I personally find this so inspirational for my running.
Additionally, Joanne has raised a lot of money for her chosen charity, Orbis UK, which will be extremely valued. And all done with a huge smile on her face, along with her running buddy, Sheryl Wynne (who also deserves a special mention.)

Member of the Month: Graham Jordan

Graham’s zest for running, and social running in particular is admirable. On club runs, Graham is encouraging and always makes sure that everyone is looked after.
The main reason for this nomination is because of his dedication to his charity, Fight Like a Kid. Along with his charity team, he absolutely puts his heart and soul into the charity in the aim of raising money to help and support sick children so that it makes their lives a little more comfortable. It means the world to him to achieve this.
More recently, his organisation of the fantastic Manchester Marathon relay team raised the profile of the club’s chosen charity further, as did the brilliant Mark Vaughton who represented FLAK in the London Marathon. Graham’s dedication is phenomenal and inspirational, and so he’s my Member of the Month.
Karen Rishton

22.ROM – Kathryn Gard – 2 marathons in 3 weeks
MOM – Dave Sears – 70 and completing London
Kayley Almond

23.ROTH : this is a difficult one as we have seen some amazing determination, courage and true grit this month with PBS galore. Some amazing running in Manchester, Blackpool and London but to still be running a great pace in her latter years, you’ve got to hand it to Norma Smith, one amazing lady smashing London, just awesome.

MOTH : Lots of great support from BRR but nothing stops this new mummy, no matter where the event or race, she’s there, co-ordinated feeds on the go, always there to cheer her runners on.
No guesses who I’m nominating, the boss x

Linzi Dearden


Richard Slater
So many Londoners but he made it look easy

Susan Wolstenholme
Don’t know anyone else who can support at mile 25 of a marathon whilst breast feeding!
Deb Clucas

25.Runner of the month.

What an incredibly difficult decision this month. There have been so many fantastic performances. I’m going to have to go with the guy who did the Berlin marathon and then did a perfect pacing job in London and of course he’s my son, Michael Goodliffe.
With special mentions to Phil White, Dave Lloyd and Gemma Macaulay.

Member of the month

Chris Joliffe. A newish member who is a Stroke survivor and has worked tirelessly for the Stroke association. He also organised a great day out at the Resolution Run in Blackpool. I’m also proud to call him a personal friend.
Ian Goodliffe

26.Runner of the month has to be Neil Fraser. He has worked so hard over the past few months. He absolutely smashed the marathon and is getting PB after PB well done Neil

Member of the month Mark Vaughton for completing the London marathon for the club charity and pacing members at Manchester and Trimpell. A true credit to BRR well done Mark
Fiona Lynch

27.ROM – my vote this month has to go to my lovely friend and running bud Sheryl Wynne. She is simply the best. We smashed London together and she is always smiling, positive and is fabulous company when running. She is also an asset to BRR as she is a great leader of our 10/10:30 group every Wednesday!

MOM – Barry Skelton for organising what looked to be a fab run & eat
Joanne Croasdale

28.Rom – Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner for achieving her two marathons this month
Joanne McClean

29.I’d like to nominate ROTM as Michael Goodliffe as doing so fab for rocking the splits at VLM

and MOTM Sue Wolstenholme for being a proud BRR supporter at VLM whilst also being a fab mum and feeding little Joseph at the same time #multitasking
Katie McCarthy

30.My nomination for ROTM is Matt Lynch. Coming out of nowhere to run a marathon is amazing enough but he’s also been cracking out some amazing times at shorter distances.

MOTM nomination is Graham Jordan. His energy and enthusiasm is awesome and his commitment to the club is clear.
Neil Fraser

31.Blimey it’s an extra struggle to nominate this month with so many top runners, but I’m going to vote Neil Fraser for RoTM, his inaugural marathon performance in Manchester topped off some outstanding runs and continued through the month with more PBs at Parkrun and 5K.
For MoTM, it’s just as difficult but I’m going to vote for you Sue, stepping back into running after the birth of Joseph and continuing to lead the club from the front is worthy of recognition this month.
Ashley Weir

32.ROTM – so many to choose from, yet again. However it has to be Kathryn Gardner. Two great performances in Manchester and London marathons.

MOTM – Chris Jolliffe. Loads of work with the Stroke charity and a top lad. Hope his injury clears soon and he is back banging out the miles.
Michael Goodliffe

33.MOM – Ashley Weir
ROM -Tracey Eccles
George Solomons