Club Member & Runner of the Month April 2018

Congratulations to this months winners for April 2018

Runner of the Month – Richard Slater

Member of the Month – Jason Rippingale

So many stunning performances including all the Marathoners, multi Marathoners, PB breakers, race winners and volunteers throughout the month . You’re all winners!

Nominations nominations are:
MOTM: Graham Jordan for not only smashing his own fundraising total for the London Marathon, but his help in helping others achieving their targets. His selflessness has been remarkable and he deserves a huge pat on the back from everyone.
ROTM: So many to mention, but my nomination goes to Dave Lloyd. Running 4 marathons on consecutive weekends is a ridiculous achievement in its own right, but the fact he has done it off the back of a difficult winter with not enough training gets him the nod from me. However a massive well done to everyone who has achieved their own marathon goal over the last month. Thanks
Anthony Harvey

2.I’d like to nominate Joanne McLean for MOTM for her organising of marshalls at Manchester, that’s one tough gig.
ROTM Tracy Davies for her first marathon in Manchester and total dedication to training.
There’s so many I could have nominated and I also want to thank each and every one of you who have helped me on my journey.
Graham Jordan

3.I know I can’t nominate multiple people for the award, but if I could, it would go to the fantastic ‘4 in 4’ runners. Mark Vaughton, John Clayton, Dave Lloyd and Emma Wright. A fantastic achievement by all of them and I can’t imagine taking on a challenge like that. Good luck in the final race to the lads and wishing Emma Wright a speedy recovery after smashing the first two.

There are so many to choose from this month. There have been some epic performances. Great runs in London despite the conditions, great results in Blackpool including Jo Sharp’s 10k win. However, my ROTM has to go to Kate Rippingale. She had waited such a long time for this after suffering such a bad injury last year. She came back from it and her training was consistent and faultless. The race itself was perfectly run. Consistent throughout and finished looking strong. Well done!

Member of the Month for me goes to Caroline Weisters. Despite having to pull out so close to the marathon, she made the trip to London to support. Her shouts along with Duncan’s in the final miles were brilliant and really kept us all going. The BRR support crew were ALL out of this world and every single one of them deserve our thanks! I don’t think I could’ve got through without them! They were brilliant, but for Caroline to be there and be so happy for everyone after taking such a difficult decision so close to the race was brilliant. Thank you!
Michael Goodliffe

4. Caroline Weisters for member. Despite her obvious disappointment about London she asked Lisa where she wanted some support and went to the horrible/inaccessible 21 mile point which helped Lisa (and I presume others) get round that bit. She then went down to London to support there too.

Emm Wright for Runner. She stepped up for something amazing and gave it her all.
Neil Fraser

5.Rom – for me it has to be Michael Goodliffe for giving his all in his training for London, for the goal posts to be changed last minute but still giving it his all
Mom – I’d like to nominate David Knowles. I only met him marshalling Manchester marathon but what a stand up guy he is. As well as marshalling all day He helped three runners over the finish line, one of which wouldn’t have finished without him
what a star 👍
Joanne McClean

6.Can I nominate Jo Mclean for member for the organising of the marshals for Manchester marathon, I saw how much work she put into that.
Runner I’d like to nominate Tracy Davies. She committed brilliantly to her marathon training plan and ran a fantastic race because of it. She was truly inspiring
Annika Halsall

7.I don’t fully know the members/ what they have done as such yet but il learn ! But Runner has to be Sue W for sheer determination and fantastic running in the London marathon. The heat was excruciating and stats show she had sheer will power and strength to keep running.
Claire Bridge for helping me with stretches/ exercises and coming back into running after injury ☺️
Reanna Taylor Evans

8.ROTMSorry but im voting for Richard Slater whom has had an awesome month won 10 age category park runs on the trot smashed manchester beating is own record and smash the club record by over 12 mins under GFA by 17 mins
Tracy Davies who complete her first marathon this month not just that the marathon training group she ran also helped other runners to complete the marathon .she gave outstanding support in London. On a personal level Tracy gave myself and Rick the most fantastic help and advice
Something that we will never forget
Tracy Slater

9.ROTM – Margaret Perkins for her Manchester Marathon. She came back from injury, trained sensible and hard. She did what she wanted to achieve back when we had done Chester – a marathon. Determined runner with much much more to give. Well done Perkins xx
MOTM – Gina Smith. Finally executed support plans for Manchester and London. Transport Minster in the making. Gina for both marathons and for the marathoners did major planning with regular coffee meetings for Trudi and me to make sure that we were 1) on target with miles, 2) health and wellbeing, 3) food intake and 4) any other business.
She even has a planning book!!!! Top support top planner xxx
Tracy Davies

10.I would like to nominate Gina for member of the month. She has been such a good group leader, very inclusive and encouraging! She was also so caring and supportive of Michael C after the marathon! A real team player and lovely person!
Michael goodliffe for runner of the month – unreal achievement to run everyday in prep for london!
Georgia Marsden

11.ROM – Mark Vaughton – he’s breezed through these four marathons and got really good times in all of them (and it was his idea in the first place).
MOM – John Clayton – he stuck with me when I was suffering with an injury during Brighton Marathon then helped David get round Blackpool marathon too. Genuine gent.
Emma Wright

12.Runner of the Month – So many to choose from this month but Richard Slater gets my vote – he is running great at the minute

Member of the month – again lots to choose from this month but Graham Jorden get my member of the month vote he goes out of his way to help/praise/congratulate everyone
Lynda Barker

13.Noms for april rotm graham jordan for is first marathon and is fantastic fund raising for charity/ motm Joanne mclean for her Manchester marshalling organization
Neil Grunshaw.

14.ROTM – Joanne Sharp for that amazing Blackpool 10k win
MOTM – Joanne McLean for organising the marshalls for Manchester Marathon
Of course a special mention to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU that completed a marathon/s during April!!
What a month for our club!
Gill Rushworth

15.ROM – Sally Heppensall. After a few failed attempts at running a marathon she did it big style in London. She is such a strong runner and so lovely she doesn’t realise how good she is. Super proud of her.
MOM – Jeanette Hickey. Despite her not being able to run she has started the walking group ensuring people who can’t run for whatever reason still have a connection with the club. From experience this is essential. You only have to see the numbers to see how successful the group is. I think this has a lot to do with Jeanette too.
Tracey Hickey

16.MOTM Graham Jordan, even though he had reached his charity target for running the VLM together with the intense training he found time to help fellow runners reach their targets. ROTM Margaret Perkins, injured at the start of training for the Manchester marathon and originally deferred her place, after recovering from injury she jumped right into the marathon plan even though some where weeks into the training plan and completed the marathon amazing spirit.
Chris Almond

17.ROTM: Rick Slater for breaking the club record at Manchester marathon.
MOTM: Jason Rippingale for guide runner.
Rose Kay

18.I would like to nominate
Jason Rippingale for MOTM for being a guide runner at Manchester marathon
Rick Slater for ROTM for breaking the club marathon record by 12 minutes at the Manchester marathon.
Amanda Burrows

19. please can I nominate Rick Slater as runner of the month and Jeanette Hickey for organising the fab weekly walks xxx
Christine Warrington

20.ROTM- a totally unassuming runner defying the heat in London and running a GFA qualifying time of 3:39. A real stand our performance and 41st in her 50-55 age range, Jeanette Richards. Special mention to Norma Smith who ran a GFA time of 4:47 on a qualifying time of 6hrs and a 9th position. A real testament to the quality of running past 70 to inspire us all. A massive well done to all who ran their first marathons and to the 4in4 quartet.
Member , Joanne McClean for organising the Manchester Marshals to precision without any fuss, going to the preparation meeting in Manchester, spending hrs allocating and a whole day at the event. This real is supporting the club and ensuring much needed funds for C25K transpired. Big thanks to all who donated their time to marshal and support our marathon runners this month.
Susan Wolstenholme

21.This month we’ve seen a great deal of true grit and inspiration and some exceptional running. One person stands out for me and thats Jason Rippendale for runner of the month as making someone else’s dream come true by guiding for 26.2 miles is incredible.
I also think Ashley Weir deserves a thank you for organising weekly Sunday training runs for everyone these last few months.
Linzi Dearden

22.Jason for supporting a partcially sighted participant in the marathon. John Clayton runner of the month for his 4 marathons in 4 weeks !!! It was hard this month supporters at London and Manchester, Rick Slater smashing the club record runners in all marathons all deserve so much credit!!!
Margaret Perkins

23.Jason for supporting a partcially sighted participant in the marathon. John Clayton runner of the month for his 4 marathons in 4 weeks !!! It was hard this month supporters at London and Manchester, Rick Slater smashing the club record runners in all marathons all deserve so much credit!!!

Mark Vaughton for his 4 in 4 with all good times and in a charity vest. Amazing!
Shelliebobs, she’s been all over the country supporting this month and just for John. She even went to London too cheers the others on while John did Blackpool. Top work 👍

25.Runner of the Month: What a month for marathons! The outstanding runners for me are the guys completing the 4 in 4 weeks. As I have to choose an individual it’s going to be Mark Vaughton for his superb times doing Manchester, Brighton, Blackpool & Stirling. Special mentions to John Clayton & Dave Lloyd. In awe of you all.
Member of the Month: Jason Rippingale for guiding the blind runner round Manchester Marathon. Can’t have been easy but it was so selfless. Well done Jason.
Nicola Murphy.

26.ROM: Ellen Barkworth – completes London , I know what it’s like to be on your feet for that long but on that HEAT!
MOM : Gina Smith for the support she offered to Michael after he completed London x
Deborah Clucas

Michael Goodliffe as he has been getting pb after pb and such a great bloke.
Mark Vaughton , a contender for runner but his resolve in getting through 4 marathons with a pb in the 4th but the way he has galvanised a team around every action has consequences and has raised so much money for that worthy charity
John Clucas

28.Tough nominations this month with the outstanding runners in the club.
ROM is Steve Mctigue, he’s come back from injury and worked hard in losing the weight and finally got his under 2 hour half marathon that he has yearned for. Well done Steve.
MOM is Mark Vaughton for setting himself a challenge of 4 Marathons in a month and got other members on board raising money for a very worthy cause. Well done Mark.
Jeanette Baron

29.Please can I nominate Jeanette Richards for runner of the month .
She achieved a fantastic time at the VLM in extreme conditions. She was amazing and as she didn’t appear to broadcast her fantastic time can easily disappear under the radar . Super fast lady 👍
Liz Skupski

30.As always April proves trickier than most to narrow down an individual, I’ll do my best though.
Runner- the 4 in 4 runners were impressive but to end on a PB is a credit to sensible training, well-paced races and careful recovery in between, so I’m saying Mark Vaughton. Bloody awesome.
Member- Sally Heppenstall. Let’s face it she ran London pretty well but without any fuss/fanfare or blowing of her own trumpet she ran with Ashley when she was more than capable of pushing on ahead. A kind, no-nonsense and selfless act that epitomises what I love about our club. She won’t splash it all over Facebook that she ran 26.2miles with a smile on her face so I’ll big her up this way.
Matt Simpson

31.MOM… In a month where it is REALLY hard to single out amazing achievements, I want to nominate David Craig for being extra supportive to runners of all abilities on Mon & Wed runs plus a great volunteer for events when he can. Always with a smile on his face and a story to tell to take your mind off a tough run.
ROM… Such a hard decision with all the effort for our marathon runners (succinctly explained by Anna Barcroft) however I think Richard Slater has been outstanding with his parkrun times, his GFA placements and the incredible range of achievements from 5k right up to 26.2 miles!
Nicki O’Hara

32.April Noms;
ROM: Very difficult this month due to lots of amazing running but ROM for me has to be John Clayton. He has gone from strength to strength with his health as well as his running, resulting in his achievement this month of completing the 4 in 4. Special mention to Dave, Mark and also Emm for their efforts with this challenge and also to all London Marathon runners who aced it in the heat and conditions.
MOM: Gina Smith for her work/planning for her London Marathon support posse! The support around the route has been mentioned by lots so Gina deserves my vote for this.
Thank You
Carla Jenkinson

We all know how difficult it’s been this month, but the person who stands out as my runner of the month is Michael Goodliffe. He’s run every day during marathon month. He’s improved his health, had the balls to really go for GFA at London (whether you agree with it or not!), and supported plenty of others along the way. He’s a lot going on at the moment yet still is knocking out training runs and PB’s like they’re going out of fashion. Well done to all our marathoners this month.
Member is our Sally. Superb running at London, helping Ashley along the way and still looking as glam as ever. Ashley told me himself Sally could have gone on but she didn’t. Proper BRR style.
Sinéad Whittaker

34.First off I want to congratulate all the marathon runners this month you have all done amazing on the day and during training in such awful weather conditions.
I want to nominate Sally heppenstall for ROM as we know she’s had her up n downs on her London training journey but got there in the end and delivered a perfectly split marathon .
I’d like to nominate for mom the chap sorry I don’t know his name , that’s really bad I know but there was a guy That was marshalling that ran numerous runners in at Manchester , not just BRR but others too I’m sure he will get other nominations so you’ll know his name . If not it doesn’t matter anyway 😂 ( David Knowles)
Karen coram

35.Just sending through my nominations;
Member of the month- Graham Jordan for not only smashing his own fundraising target but supporting others to achieve their targets too
Runner of the month- Matt Chester for completing his first marathon at Manchester having completed nearly all the training on his own due to work commitments.
It was a really difficult decision this month and I just want to say how amazed and inspired I have been by so many of you this month.
Michaela Harvey

36.ROM – I’d like to nominate Jo Sharp for her race win! How amazing it must be to win a race. But I’d also like to mention the 4 in 4 runners all 4 of them are fantastic (at fundraising & running) and Anna Barcroft for her brilliant VLM performance despite the difficult conditions in keeping more or less to her target.
MOM – There has been so much brilliant fundraising this month but I’d like to nominate Phil Skupski (sorry Liz I know you helped with this!) for his marathon training, running and fundraising for Spinal Research raising over £6,000 (with Liz’s help!) going from non runner to marathon runner in a very short space of time! Awesome effort.
Sally Heppenstall

37.can I nominate Rick Slater for runner of the month for his PB and new club record at Manchester and Jason Ripp for assisting the partially sighted lady at Manchester, selfless running.
Katie Turner

38.April has been an amazing month for the club from people running their 1st marathon to people running 4 in 4 its been a hard month to nominate but please
Could i please nominate Richard slater for ROTM for fantastic performance in Manchester getting GFA (again) and beating the club record well mate
And for MOTM has to be jason rippingale for his selfess act of pacing and guiding Charlotte at the manchester marathon #legend
Jon Turner

39.MOTM Jason Rippingale
For being a guide at Manchester and for the support he gives to other members.
ROTM Rick slater for Manchester getting a club record.
Thank you.x🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️x
Wendy Byrne

40.Jeanette Runner, and Jason rippingale, supporting the blind / partially sighted lady.
Dave Richards

41.ROM – For those who did 4 marathons in 4 weeks, just wow!!! Well done guys! My individual nomination goes to Mark Vaughton …. getting quicker each marathon and finishing with a marathon PB was just outstanding for me!
MOM – so so tough to differentiate, well done to everyone who has organised, supported, marshalled, cheered and donated to their fellow runners throughout this whole month. My MOM nomination goes to Joanne McClean for taking overall charge and organising the Manchester Marshalls, all of whom should get a super special mention. Support throughout that marathon was incredible.
Lizzi Watton

42.Really difficult this month with so many fantastic first time marathoners in Manchester, London and Blackpool.
I’ll go with John Clayton. He’s a great runner raising money for Every Action and supported David Sears on his first marathon in Blackpool. Amazing team of Mark Vaughton, Emma Wright, John Clayton and Dave Lloyd for their 4marathons in 4 weeks.
Member of the month has to go to Michelle Sears for travelling to support 4 marathons in 4 weeks!
Caroline Slater

43.Runner of the month – Andy Mcauther his running is coming on in leaps and he’s just completed his first marathon
Member of the month – Team Chatterton on their continual club support from organising coaches and events to there marathon support cycle crew
Beverley Pratt

44.Time of Year: September
Cost: £52
Course: Undulating, tough climb for a couple of miles just after mile 17 (the route profile is deceiving!) but the scenery is stunning
Organisation: fantastic; coaches to the start line, great system for leaving your bags for transporting back to the finish line, the whole thing was organised really well.
Support: lonely, local residents came out where they could and were really supportive, cheering and playing music but there was no hustle and bustle like you get with a city run.
Comment: loved it. I wasn’t best prepared due to injury but I really enjoyed it, so much so that I will go back to do it again when not injured and can enjoy it even more!
John Hannon

Every runner this month deserves this
I’m nominating Jo Sharp for being 1st lady at Blackpool 10k. Sharp by name, sharp by nature. Awesome 😎
🎤 We just can’t get used to living without, living without him by our side 😎
He’s broke free in London – welcome back Dave Short
Cathy Kilshaw

46.Runner of the month
Sally heppenstall
Yes very biased I know but I know how much she wanted to finish a marathon but alway kept getting injured right at the end
This time all went well but then she got shingles three weeks before
So chuffed for her and she clearly enjoyed the whole experience
Member of the month
Dave Lloyd
4 marathons in a month for a good cause and the guys 60
Hats off
Jimmy Hindle

47.The London Marathon has been awesome and I’d like to Nominate Phil Skupski as Runner of the month… his first Marathon and he thought ‘he wasn’t a runner’…. awesome achievement Phil and a fabulous amount of money raised for a very worthy cause.
MoM … our Gina who planned our group trip to London perfectly and made supporting both Manchester and London a fabulous experience that went like clockwork.
Joanne Croasdale

48.Runner of the month..
Graham jordan for his first marathon and smashing his charity target
Member of month..
Joanne McLean for organising the Manchester Marshalls
Katrina Grunshaw

49.ROTM & MOTM Nominations
Wow, what can I say about April! This has been an outstanding month for BRR, from the new Marathon runners and the April Four completing 4 marathons to the massive BRR marshalling and the weekly support teams! It is very difficult to chose individuals as there are so many!
For ROTM, I’m going to nominate Dave Lloyd for his 4 marathons. Whilst there were equally deserving others who completed the 4 marathons, I think Dave had a few demons he wanted to banish prior to April making his achievement all the more rewarding. I want a special mention to all the first time marathon runners, especially Kate Rippingale, who successfully returned to London after suffering her stress fracture.
For MOTM, I’m going to nominate John Clucas. John has recently returned to help out C25k as well as continuing to get out running on Sundays always helping others, pacing Kayley Almond to a massive PB at Chester Half. I also want a special mention to my London buddy Sally Heppenstall who support at London Marathon was brilliant whilst successfully completing her own first marathon in tough conditions.
Ashley Weir

50.For runner of the month can I nominate Ian goodliffe. I have watched Ian progress since my first social 5k almost two years ago. In that time he’s got quicker and his runs have become longer. Recently he’s smashed out 2 PBs and always fills up my Strava feeds with his routes. Ian’s an absolute inspiration and on top of all this lately, his good Friday run was a fantastic idea.
Member of the month- Chris almond. Chris is nothing but supportive, always with a smile on his face! His positive posts and comments (and even offers to run) have made me stick with the belief that I can do this (I’ve been poorly!). Without Chris’s supportive words in my ear, I don’t think I’d have put my trainers on and gone out tonight!
Both amazing runners and two people I’m proud to say are my running buddy’s 😀😀
Katie Haworth

51.Hardest month everrrrrr…so much to celebrate! Fantastic marathon performances in London and Manchester from everyone 🌟Extra respect to the Fab Four finishers- one marathon is amazing but 4 in 4 weeks takes you to a new level of awesomeness Dave Lloyd Mark Vaughan and John Clayton -well done boys and Emm 🌟 but for runner of the month I’m nominating
Michael Goodliffe – constantly smashing out speedy runs and supporting others 🌟
Member of the month
Deborah Clucas for always supporting and popping up everywhere 👏
Tracie Wilson

52.ROTM – everyone who ran a marathon this month is a runner of the month, the first timers, the speedies and everyone in between especially the 3 fellas who completed the 4 in the month – John, Dave and Mark – however, my single vote is going to Norma Smith for a fantastic London marathon time in exceptional conditions, what an amazing achievement, well done Norma and everyone running a marathon or 4.
MOTM – lots of supportive contenders for it this month – a special mention for Spenny and Nicola who have had a great month – their joint organisation of the Monday group run whilst both being injured and also for taking the trips to Blackpool and Stirling to support the marathoners. My vote goes to John Clucas for helping David Sears on his Blackpool marathon and Kayley Almond at the Chester half. I know John helps lots of people all the time but these 2 stand out for me this month.
Thanks, Gina Smith