Club Member & Runner of the Month April 2017


1.ROTM – I have so many people that I could put forward having been a big part of their marathon success but if I think beyond that there is one lady who is incredible and I have so much admiration for her. I would like to nominate Deborah Clucas. I cannot put into words how I felt when I saw this lady after her marathon on Sunday. A true inspiration. Her completion of the London Marathon not only on Sunday but previously tells me that anything is possible and that given the right mindset and training anyone can run a marathon.
MOTM – Ashley Weir – He does so much for the club as do other people but I also for his determination at Manchester Marathon when he was still organising despite running 26.2 miles.

2.ROTM – Josh, for breaking records with a huge smile on his face! Great role model for everybody, I can’t sing this lad’s praises enough!!
MOTM – Mick Spencer, for generally sticking his hand up to help with anything and also for what he gives back to the Blackburn Community. He recently did a lot of renovation work at Feni clubhouse completely free so it didn’t affect club funds.

3.ROM – Wendy Byrne. Complete London marathon after illness at the start of training and a large personal upheaval. Over come a lot to get this big run done.
MOM – Denise brogden. Carrying a very heavy bag all day and supporting quite a few London marathon runners. Also taking them on a day trip to the tower.

4.Tracy Davies for Member of the month, for being so fantastic and amazingly supportive throughout our marathon training, offering us tips and advice and for supporting us on the marathon, popping up everywhere along the course!.

5.ROM for me this is really hard but can I nominate Gina Smith. She has lacked so much confidence in her ability to run London Marathon yet has flown through her very dedicated training and she surpassed her own expectations. So much after the big one she mentioned ‘ultra’ running!! Well done Gina you were outstanding keeping all your group focussed on the route!
MOM please nominate the fantastic Tracy Davies! She supported me through my marathon and then the girls through Manchester and London and co ordinated the support team! We couldn’t have done it without you xx

6.ROTM: Joshua Crowther. A stunning run at the London Marathon and taking the club record too.
MOTM: Sinéad Whit. Even though restricted she still helps out the best she can in club runs and also the organisation of the activities at Cherry Tree Cricket Club whilst we watched the runners in London

7.Runner of the month for me is Joshua – awesome marathon time n also breaking a club record set by the awesome Dave Birtwistle

8.Runner of the Month is so hard this month! Josh? Jason? Tracie? I’m going to go for the newbie, Tracie Wilson for overcoming injury and still smashing it in London.
Member(s) of the Month: Has to be David & Claire Howarth for all that hard work in preparation for and execution of the VLM, starting before Christmas. Real commitment!

9.ROTM – Jason Rippingale, jet setter, tremendous effort with 2 marathons, Boston and London
MOTM – Sinead Whittaker great organising as usual for London marathon breakfast club

10.Nominations for the above for April and then I know I’ve done it…
Runner…Joshua Crowther…although every one of our spring marathon runners deserves recognition, the fantastic achievement by joshua at London does deserve an extra special mention.
Member…Ged Johnson…he has been out of action but not out of sight, popping up all over courtesy of his little support network but how lovely to keep up with his fellow athletes even though he can’t join in. Always cheery and supportive. A true gent

11.Nominations Tracy for all her support recently with marathon training and Josh for his lindon marathon run.

12.There have been some awesome Marathon runners
This month including a new BRR record by Josh who also won the Rivington 10 mile but my vote has to go to Joanne Coulthard who ran her solo marathon with no support along a relentless coast route. This takes some determination.
I would like to nominate Sinaed Whit for thinking about the rest of BRR who couldn’t be in London, for organising our BLackburn support team at the Cherry Tree. We all felt part of the team across the miles, it was full of team spirit

13.ROTM. Josh Crowther for breaking the club marathon record in London
MOTM Susan Wolstenholme for all her support before, during and after London, finishing with a cracking get together at the cricket club.

14.There have been some pretty outstanding efforts this month from our Marathoners, especially all those doing their first. Double marathons from Jason Rip and Joanne Coulthard as well! Worthy mentions are also from half marathons too, such as PBs from Dave Lloyd (achieving his first 70% age grading) and Neil/Lisa Fraser! However when someone breaks a club record and smashes over 15 mins off his already fast PB, then for me Josh Crowther is Runner of the Month for his 2:42 in London!
Now Member of the Month continues to be difficult! Sinead did a great job with the London Breakfast at Cherry Tree, which from everyone I spoke to, had a great time. There are too many of us supporters in London to single out an individual! So I’ve going to vote for Claire Incutti, who arranged a great Run & Eat at Boddington Arms and also culminated her supporting Ashley’s Manchester marathon journey this year by steadfastly keeping him going to the end and enduring her longest ever run in terms of time! She’s has also pushed him to 4 race PBs since January, which included the marathon!

15.Runner: So many worth achievements this month and it’s not about speed but Joshua Crowther has really excelled this month. Winning Rivington Trail ( his first win for us) and breaking the club record for the marathon in London 2:42 is eye watering! He is such a good young ambassador for the club! Well done Joshua and there’s more to come from you too so we’ll watch with pride and admiration.
Member : Sinéad for hosting the marathon breakfast and taking a group photo to show us in London the support from Blackburn🍳

16.Please could I nominate Tracy Davies for member of the month. She has been really supportive of the April marathon runners, by turning up in the rain after long runs with mars bars etc. She came to London to support and was very encouraging throughout

17.My ROTM goes to Joshua. Absolutely no contest this month with that phenomenal time. He keeps going from strength to strength and I’m wondering just how far he can go. Big shout out to all the marathon runners especially those who ran two this month, Blackpool, Boston, London, Manchester-just brilliant.
My MOTM goes to Joanne Weir. Injured yet supporting week after week. Should have been her time for half marathon PB and another crack at Manchester yet still came and supported and still supports.

18.My vote for runner of the month is Joshua Crowther, it’s not always about being the best runner, but to beat the club record and be such a nice, grounded lad he deserves it.
Member of the month I nominate John Clucas for continuing to support people with his fitness classes etc

19.Member of the month: Tracy Slater, always there to support and provide snacks!
Runner of the month; Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner, two marathons in a month, inspirational!

20.Runner of the Josh Crowther, for breaking club record.
Member of the month – Deborah Clucas for her strengths and determination in the London Marathon too

21.I wish to nominate Deboarah Clucas for RoM, for completing the London Marathon despite many personal battles over the last 12 months. Not only did she complete, but showed pure selflessness by supporting others to complete the marathon too. Well done Debs! Proud!
I’d like to nominate Tracy Davies for MoM. Tracy took it upon herself to support many BRR members throughout their 16 week marathon training. She attended training sessions to bring provisions and offer support and encouragement. She ensured she attended both marathon events to cheer on her club mates, and organised accommodation and transport. Wherever you looked, she was there. Thank you Tracy!

22.How difficult is this month to choose the winners with club records being broken, PBs, 3 members running 2 marathons each during the month, and new distances achieved? Every runner deserves full credit for their achievements – what a superb month of running for our club. Also the support provided by so many who give up their time to spectate – amazing!
I nominate Suzanne Bell for ROTM. She dealt with the disappointment of being injured for last year’s VLM and has had a tough time this year with injury worry, moving house, and juggling being a fantastic mummy with training runs, but despite all of these challenges, she completed the London Marathon in sub 5 hours and finished with a smile on her face.#thisgirlcan
For MOTM I nominate Rick Wilson. To have 15 club runners come through the Blackburn 5k Grouprun and then successfully complete a marathon is amazing. Not only did he give them the opportunity to start their running journey, he also travelled to London and supported each & every one of them. Hats off to him for making a difference!

23.Rotm – Suzanne Bell for smashing London, always around the club and running and a bit of an unsung hero I think. So my nomination this month.
Motm – Rick Wilson for his entertaining posts whilst supporting the London Marathon

24.Morning, ROM has to be Josh, with winning Rivington and breaking club marathon record. No nom for mom as I’ve really not been involved for a while

25.Run Josh for club record
Member Sinead for continued support to club despite her extra commitments

26.Runner of the month – Kathryn Gardner, 2 marathons in a month fab
Member of the month – Margaret Perkins, showing support when needed the most

27.ROTM has to be Joshua Crowther for breaking the club marathon record in London.
MOTM I’d like to nominate Joanne Coulthard for bravely representing the club solo in the Blackpool Marathon. Can’t have been easy (especially the same day as London) but what a great result for her!

28.ROTM – there have been many amazing performances this month with guys running their first marathons, double marathons & record breaking performances! Most of the time us ‘Fast Guys’ end up with the glory! For me my nomination goes to Debs Clucas who ran the London Marathon in 7hrs 15mins! I’ve run for over 7hrs myself & it usually stops being ‘as fun’ after 5! So Deb’s amazing strength to keep going was incredible!
MOTM – my nomination should be for all the guys who came down to London to support, bringing Blackburn to the Capital. But I would like to nominate Kate Rip for this. After having to pull out of London at the death through injury after months of training, fund raising & not drinking G&T’s, was absolutely devastating! I think I personally would have stayed at home with the curtains closed but Kate lifted herself & went out on the streets of London, cheered & supported every runner out there! Fingers crossed for better luck in 2018 Kate!!!

29.ROTM – Josh Crowther. Club record in London. That was something special.
MOTM – Tracy Davies for organising the Half Marathon runs for Liverpool. Looks like a lot of people are taking advantage and enjoying themselves. Expecting some PB’s at the Rock n’ Roll!

30.ROTM for April Joshua Crowther London Marathon crscking time and club record to boot
MOTM Ged Johnson for supporting BRR at races and events despite numerous leg ops!!

31.ROM: Josh Croasdale. Amazing running coming 1st in the Rivington 10 mile and then taking the club record at VLM.
MOM: Tracy Davies. Organised lots of the first – time marathon runners at both Manchester and London. Travelled to London to support and has her own Liverpool half- marathon training group. Great team player.

32.Well what a month, how do we choose! Everyone is awesome, whether as a marathon runner or as a supporter.
ROM – Too many to choose from this month, Jason Rip and his 2 transatlantic marathons within a week and all the first time marathoners both at Manchester and London. Also Kathryn and Joanne who have both done 2 in April – amazing! Everyone has done fabulously well this month (including myself!) but my vote for ROM has to go to Joanne Coulthard, I know it’s said about people quietly getting on with it, but she really does. Blackpool was her 12th marathon and made it 2 marathons for April. Blackpool must have been a tough one! She has given me good advice too. Well done Joanne.
MOM – Again so much support from club members this month. Amazing to see so many people out there – blue army! I will single out Tracy Davies for MOM, she has been the best training “Manager”, she has looked after the first time marathoners so well from the minute we got our places. Her advice, support and humour has been fabulous. Tracy is also looking after the Liverpool half marathon trainees so well on Friday’s and I am happy to call her a ‘friend for life’.

32.My ROM nomination is for Deb Clucas,she has completed London training and the race day with determination and a dedication i am envious of.
She is told time and time again that she cant or wont be able to do it,
She sees posts about runners too slow for a marathon shouldn’t be doing it ,she battles with her health but still she wears her club colours with pride and gets out there and does what she sets out to do. Well done Deborah so proud to call you my friend

33. My MOM has to be Natalie Chats , she has supported the group 6 runners and others in their London training plans always offering words of wisdom and her somewhat unconventional words of encouragement…. She has got so many pairs of legs match ready for race day whilst also being mum ,wife and holding down a full time job . Natters your an inspiration to so many , you’re just a cool cat.

34.It’s that time again – ROM has to be Joshua Croasdale for breaking the club record at London. MOM Denise Brogdan – for all her support at runs with that darm BELL !!!!

35.My runner of month is Debs Clucas for putting in lots of hard work with training and a fab run at London and for helping and encouraging another runner throughout both.
My member of month is Carla Jenkinson for organising the BRR netball team.

36.April rom Joshua Crowther for new club record. April mom Ellen Pope for commitment to running and her charity

37.MOTM – Ashley weir, the time and effort he puts into the club is unbelievable
ROTM – there’s so many to pick from this month, so many first time marathoners, triathlons but for me one person stood out! Josh breaking club record at London is a brilliant achievement.

38.Nominations boss, hope I’m ok sending via messenger. Runner of the month for me got to be Joshua crowther for his fantastic effort in London. Member is Addila for working tirelessly behind the scenes sorting our new vests and turning up week after week with kit and starter bags. Cheers

39.ROTM for me is Kathryn Gardner. 2 Marathons in a month and really good times in both
MOTM for me is Natters. Came down and supported in London even though she can’t stand the place and she puts up with my moaning every time she beats me up

40.ROTM: It’s that busy time of year and so many to choose from. So many great efforts. I need to mention Marianne Rintoul for her great performance on Manchester Marathon…well done!. Linda Wilding, Joanne Croasdale and Sheryl Wild also did Superb…Why does this month have to be so hard to choose from!!! My ROTM is Tracie (nervous) Wilson for completing VLM. She did not think she had it in her. She had a few blips and injuries through her training but finished in a really good time despite being close to deferring. Well done Tracie! You are in the 1% Club now!
My MOTM goes to John Clucas. A man I have known way back from C25K! 2 Marathons this month and still puts on his Ivy Street sessions. I hope I’m as fit as him when i’m his age (not saying you are old JC) The man is a legend and I look up to him very much!!!

41.ROTM I’d like to nominate Joshua Crowther on his absolute awesome time at London
MOM I would like to nominate sinead for her fabulous organisation of the brr support at home (even though I didn’t manage to attend as was a tad hungover) but I believe she sorted a great day

42.Member of the month John Hannon who week in week out leads the Saturday group which has a huge range of abilities. It runs like clockwork, no one is left behind and he has adapted practically all of the runs since Christmas to factor in our training runs for our marathon. He is a legend!
My Runner of the month is Dave short who does all the above with John but runs amazing Ultras as well! Love them both!

43.My nominations
ROTM – Joshua Crowther for his PB at London and beating the club record
MOTM – tbh I’m at a loss to think of someone individually – I think everyone was fantastic with supporting London whether they ran it, supported in London or back here in Blackburn. So my vote goes to THE ENTIRE CLUB!

45. Rom Jason Rippingale. Mom Alison Felipes.

46.Runner of the month – Marianne Rintoul
Not only did Marianne smash her first marathon at Manchester with an amazing time but she then went on to offer invaluable advice and support to others also facing their first marathon. A great example of the support and teamwork within
Member of the month – Deborah Clucas. Total admiration and respect for Deborah -love her attitude, commitment and determination in every race she enters. She sets a fantastic example to us all

47.Such a brilliant month – where do you start with singling anyone out!! After a lot of thought Josh Crowther’s club record should be recognised as runner of the month. I would like to jointly recommend John Hannan and Dave Short for members of the month. We have had so many triumphant marathon achievements and both John and Dave have gone out of their way and designed runs to accommodate member training plans – they have even run many additional miles alongside those on training plans before/after the Saturday runs providing support and advice. It would be lovely to have all their behind the scenes support and contribution to the club’s success to be recognised.

48.Runner of the month – Debs Clucas running London Maratnon whilst not 100%.
Member of the month – Sinead for organising London Marathon Breakfast.

49.My nominations are Joanne Coulthard for running the Blackpool Marathon on her own (ROTM)
MOTM – Sinead for organising the London Marathon Breakfast

50.Ellen pope again! For ROTM! for running the marathon 26.2+ miles with a hairline fracture and not giving up? That take will power and determination
MOTM has to be Sinead for all the organising she has done! Brilliant work! Thanks Sue!

51.ROTM – Josh for his first place at Rivington and smashing the club record. He got my vote just ahead of Jason Rippingale who did 2 Marathon in a week 😳
MOTM – Ashley Weir for all his hard work posting events.

52. ROTM : Joshua Crowther for breaking the club record.
MOTM: all the awesome marathoners this month.

53.I would like to nominate Joshua Crowther for ROTM for winning Rivington and for getting the club record at VLM.
And Tracy Davies for MOTM for organising the Liverpool training group on Friday nights.

54.Running of the month- Tracie Wilson , for a fantastic achievement in her first marathon.
Member of the month-Lisa Rowe for always supporting and encouraging every runner .

55.My nomination for runner of the month is Deborah Clucas . She has quietly gone about her training over the last few months . Even though the last 12 months haven’t been kind to her she managed to stay focused in her training and completed the London marathon. Can’t think for member of the month to many deserve it and not being at the club for a while I’ve lost touch with who has done what lol

56.ROM – I’d like to nominate Jason Rippingale for his brilliant efforts in running two marathons in a week – huge achievement
MOM – Yourself – for all your work organising Manchester marshalls which has raised funds for BRR and C25K – the many hours you put in for the club behind the scenes is very much appreciated
As well as these nominations i’d just like to congratulate every club member who undertook the challenge of completing a marathon for the first time and also well done to all of our other members who did a marathon or ultra – very inspirational people

57.please can I nominate Wendy Byrne for ROTM, she was determined in her training for the London marathon and really did the club and herself proud. MOTM can I nominate the Manchester marshalls , they were all brilliant and hard working and deserve the award. Thank you

58. Nominations this month are:
ROTM – Got to be Ellen Pope! Stubborn determination to complete the VLM, even with a hair line fractured hip!
MOTM – so many amazing members this month. The support provided to us marathon runners was sensational and I cannot begin to thank them enough. However, nomination this month to Tracy Davies for coordinating Liverpool Half training and supporting in London too

59.nomination for runner of the month is Josh Crowther. Fabulous win at the Rivington 10 mile and then taking the Club Marathon record at London. Always with a beaming smile in his face.
Member of the month is Adam Holden. He’s doing an awesome job collating the Andrew challenge, particularly with do much going on with members

60.Hiya sue can i please nominate josh crowther for ROTM for his absolutely smashing time at london and all done with a smile on his face brilliant effort mate your only going to get quicker.

61.Runner of the month Debra clucas
Member of the month Tracey Davis

62.Runner has to be Josh, just amazing time and a club record, perfectly paced too. So many other great performances this month tho.
Member(s), The Slaters, popped up all over the show supporting and photographing despite Rick’s injury and obvious frustration at being unable to run. Tracey can be heard from a distance too!

63.ROM for me is Josh Crowther who put the cherry on his cake by breaking the club record with his efforts at London.
MOM Sinead Whit for a well organised great supporting event at cherry tree for VLM. #thatmumcan!

64.ROTM – Joanne Coulthard – taking on Blackpool her 11th (or 12th?) marathon. A great runner who gave a lot of the marathon newbies some great advice which seemed to really help them.
Special mention to the amazing Josh for beating the club marathon record.
MOTM – Tracy Davies – super coach / supporter for the new marathon team and Friday night run organiser! Always a smile too. A pleasure to run with.
Special mention to Maggie Ainslie I’ll say it again that lady radiates PMA!

65.No explanation needed really speaks for itself it has only got to be the one and only fellow matelot Josh Crowther absolutely fantastic this month especially in London last week legend

66.Runner of the month
Jason Rippingale: Two marathons on two continents with a week and still has the modesty to encourage people of all abilities ,awesome
MOTM : “unbiased “Your goodself,For setting a great example to all after your disappointment on the London marathon .Making the right decision and smiling through it .Supporting and still the driving force behind the club .

67. Runner:
Gotta be my boy Joshua Crowther. No words for that boy except awesome!
Member (s)
I’d like to nominate both you and Kate Ripp. It can’t have been easy to give up your place in London, you were both so graceful and your support for everyone else was admirable as always.

68.Hi chuck,
ROM for me has got to be young josh on a cracking London marathon club record run. He’s been knocking on the door for a while n I’m sure he still will be for a long time to come.
MOM have you a list I could browse to make my mind up as I’m not sure on this one yet, Ok MOM this time I’ll go for John Hannon for keeping everything running smoothly on his own while I’ve not been there

69.hope you are ok & your ankle is getting better.
Please could I nominate Josh for runner of the Month for his fantastic run at London & member of the month Tracy Davies for always being supportive when out running on the Friday night training run..Xx

Practically impossible as usual!
Too many first time marathoners to mention who’ve all been inspirational.
While it’s not all about the speed it’s surely got to be Joshua for an incredible performance in London and club record.
Absolutely love the fact that he’s got a permanent smile on his face and always looks like he’s having the best time!

Joanne Coulthard. Joanne probably has no idea that she inspires people like myself, she’s got buckets of grit and determination with 12 marathons under her belt, she quietly supports others and gets on with it and I feel she deserves some recognition.

71.Member of the Month
Tracy Davies For her support and giving us all advice on our first marathon journey she has been so supportive before ,during sending us messages of encouragement after every run can’t Thank her enough
Runner of the month Joshua Crowther for getting The club record for the first time for a marathon he’s such an inspiration and he did it in a fantastic time too well done to Josh

72.Member: Tracy Davies in appreciation for her organisation over the past few weeks in terms of training plans for runners, supporting at races and booking an excellent meal before the London Marathon to fuel up the BRR runners!
Runner(s): I’d like to congratulate all runners who’ve taken part in races over the past month, with two major races in the BRR calendar. Fantastic to see quality running and support being shown at both. All of their hard training and confidence combined with the fantastic support provided by BRR drives these races into PBs and sees the club well on its way to smash the 500 PB challenge!

73.Hi Sue. Runner of the month – Josh Crowther. With so many great marathon runs this month breaking the club record is a fantastic achievement.
Member of the month – My choice is Jason Rippingale for representing the club proudly with his 2 marathons in 6 days either side of the Atlantic.

74.Runner of the month – Josh Crowther. With so many great marathon runs this month breaking the club record is a fantastic achievement.
Member of the month – My choice is Jason Rippingale for representing the club proudly with his 2 marathons in 6 days either side of the Atlantic.

75. ROM Josh Crowther, pb and club marathon record. No words

76.MOM – Tracy Davies. She took on the role as ‘manager’ throughout our training for the Manchester Marathon and was a huge support providing us with hints, tips, encouragement, praise, prosecco. She supported on the day walking miles popping up all the way along the 26 miles! She did the same too for my friends running London for the first time and organised the supporters too with a lovely meal before and get together afterwards. She is a star!
ROM – Joshua Crowther. Phenomenal running, always with a huge smile. Gained 1st place in the Rivington 10 mile trail, and ran a club record in the London Marathon 2:42:04.

77. Hello, I’m going to nominate this month, as I’m just in love with everything abt Blackburn road runners!
Runner of the month: Josh crowther- what a star winning a race and then breaking the club record !! Just awesome !
Member of the month : Gina smith – smashed the London marathon despite being so very nervous and made sure I wasn’t on my own after my family had left London. Such a super star !

78.My nomination for ROTM is Michael Lilly another marathon done stepped up to take over the progression groups next year and started to plan routes already.
MOTM – The little pocket rocket that is Richard slater turns up at countless race’s supporting and taking some fantastic photos Rivington and London to mention a couple his support is undeniable

79.Could I nominate Debs Clucas for her amazing marathon in London – not only for running the 26.2 but for her brilliant, steady and focussed training. Also for her support and training buddy role to Toria, a C25K graduate was just pure Deborah and shows her support for others.
Member of the month – could I nominate Jane and Joanne for their behind the scenes work on managing all our results. Huge thank you, ladies.

80.ROTM Joshua for a win at Rivington which was great to watch him come in smiling and an awesome marathon in London,
MOTM Sinéad for spending a whole day organising watching the marathon from Blackburn.