Club Member & Runner of the April 2016


1. ROM – there are many fabulous runners this month in all of the marathons, from the fast lads to the first time ladies but there is no question that you Susan Wolstenholme are the ultimate runner of the month with your 4 marathons. Absolutely incredible achievement. Well done boss!
MOM – so many great members doing all sorts but my nomination this month goes to Michael Goodliffe for his organisation of the marshals for the Manchester marathon. He put a lot of time and effort into that and it was a great day for the marshals, the marathon and the club. Well done Michael.

2. ROTM – Sue Wolstenholme. An amazing achievement running 4 marathons in 4 weeks. Just the travelling would’ve done me in! What an inspiration!
MOTM – Sue Wolstenholme. Amazing fundraising throughout the last few months. Comedy night a complete success and an impressive amount raised for a great charity. Still managed to find the time to look after the club and its members!

3.My nomination for MoTM is Michael Goodliffe for his role organising the marshals for the Manchester Marathon. He ran the whole process like clockwork – Manchester marathon could learn a thing or two from him – he made sure all the marshals were given all the information required to fulfil their role on the day. Fantastic job by all of the marshals and funds into the BRR coffers to show for it.
The RoTM is a really tough one this month, there have been some incredible achievements with first time marathoners, half marathoners, Margaret Keighley smashing a club record by 3 minutes and Scott Slater setting a new record for his age group. PB’s including, David Birtwistles’ 2:44 and Jason Rippingales’ sub 3 hour marathon, which really was just a stunning piece of running, and very well deserved. Kathryn Ashcroft-Gardner’s brilliant 4:11 (I think) marathon time for her first marathon, and then the number of personal achievements in Blackpool this weekend with PB’s smashed, and not forgetting the unbelievable feat of four marathons in four weeks by our Chair Sue.
However, one person for me has stood out and has my nomination, Deborah Clucas. The woman with one lung who shouldn’t be able to run (her words), when given the opportunity to take up the club place, I have no doubt that Debs was overwhelmed and unnerved but also very excited to be given the opportunity to run in the London Marathon along with her husband and one of her sons, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m sure Deb’s thought long and hard about whether or not to take up the club place, she’s not the fastest, had never attempted that distance in the past and had unfortunately suffered from injury, however, once the decision was made, medical fitness approved she has week in and week out gone out and trained hard, quite a bit of the time on her own, sometimes with other people, but with the thought in her head that she wanted to complete the marathon and not let anybody down, in particular the club as she was running in a club place. London marathon came and Debs conquered with a fantastic time of 6:28. I think she is an incredible inspiration and her achievement is testament to her hard work, dedication and belief that she could do something so special. I think it’s also a great testament to BRR for enabling Deb’s to take up the club place through the ballot and just proves that the club is all inclusive.
A great personal story and media opportunity if ever there was one.

4.Member of month: Sue Wolstenholme for amazing achievement of 4 marathons in April
Runner of the month: David Birtwistle for 2 park run wins and London marathon of 2hrs 44mins

5.Runner of month sue wolstenholme for been a legend 4 marathons in month
Supporter michael goodliffe for work done with manchester marathon marshalls.

6. What a tough month. The support from everyone at the club has been immense and I am proud to be part of brr. If I could nominate everyone I would!
I’d like to nominate Lesley Dewhirst for member of the month who has worked tirelessly keeping the marathon runners in tip top shape especially me whilst also cramming in her own training for her marathon
Runner of the month sue Wolstenholme. After running my first marathon I could not imagine running another the week after and the week after AND the week after but she did and I am absolutely amazed by her physical and mental strength and she still manages full support to everyone at the club…amazing

7. ROTM: Jason Rip – lots of amazing running taken place but Jason planned and executed his sub 3 hour London marathon to perfection! Total dedication and commitment shows what can be achieved. Nice guy too!
MOTM: I’m going to go with Gina Smith for taking on the responsibility of organising an alternative option for members of a Friday run night. Gina has enough friends to go off quietly running with whenever she likes but she’s opened it up to the club and set a great example. This is the same girl who told me constantly on her C25K plan that she was just here for that week only then would be packing it in as she would never make a runner! 😉 PS. I also like Jason Cook for this every single month for being so encouraging to everybody he speaks to – always puts others first! Just saying

9. I think you, Sue Wolstenholme should be runner of the month for running an amazing four marathons in four weeks. That takes strength, motivation and ambition.
10. My nomination for the runner of the month is a lady who spends most of her time organising. Helping and advising runners new and old. A person who ensures that the club runs smoothly .who has had an exceptional month of running in April .ran 4 marathons and raised a lot of money for a really good cause. My vote for runner of the month is Sue W. Well done Sue I’m really proud of you x

11. Runner of the month – Debs Clucas on the London Marathon.
Member of the month – Gina Smith for the return of the fantastic Friday night group.

12. It’s been a while since I voted but I had to this month. By nomination is you. 4 marathons in four weeks is just phenomenal. Graham also takes my nomination for member of the month for being your one man support team.

13. Runner of the month: The boss, the guvnor, Sue Wolstenholme. An inspiration to everyone at the club with her epic 4 marathons in 4 weekends.
Member of the month: Gina Smith for putting together the half-marathon plan for Liverpool RnR and bringing back the Friday Long Run Group.

14. Well what a very exciting month with lots of superb performances and records broken runner of the month has to go to Deborah clucas for here pure determination to prove that she could and has done and finished the London marathon a massive achievement X Member of the month natasha maudsley for her selfless act in stopping doing the second half of Manchester marathon and running in with myself to get me my half marathon done

15. Well this was extremely hard to choose a winner for both awards so many people having fantastic race results to members helping others achieve goals in training and races.
My choice for ROYM is Susan Wolstenholme what an awesome month of running by are chair leading the way 4 marathons fantastic achievement.
My MOTM which was also a hard choice is Natasha Moseley after waiting at half way and giving up on a good time possible a pb marathon for a certain little runner to start her half marathon and making sure she finished her half marathon. Manchester by the way

16.Hi Sue runner of the month you amazing 4 marathons if we can’t vote for you Jason Rippingale member Sinead for all her support etc thanks

17.I nominate Susan WOlstenholme, what you’ve done in April is immense. You’ve made us all proud to be a road runner.

18. Hi I would like to nominate Sue Wolstenholme for runner of months for completing all them marathons and raising all that money for charity.
Members of the month to John Clucas and Beth (sorry forgot her surname) for running the London marathon in all that gear for the police charities

19. This has been a month of many amazing achievements for a wide variety of reasons- however there can only be one runner of the month and that has to be Sue Wolstenholme. No only did she run four ( fast) marathons in four weeks she raised a staggering amount of money for a very worthwhile cause……and managed to find the time to encourage and support others too. An amazing achievement well done.
Sam Oates – Hard to pick member of the month too so a wide ranging thank you to everyone in the club who went out of their way to support the runners attempting marathons- a special thank you to Andrew Donna Norma and Lesley without whom I would have given up!

20. Wow what a month! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I could not be prouder of our members. Lots to mention and amazing runs from so many people.
My runner of the month is you Sue. Your achievements this month go beyond the expected for a lifetime never mind a month. We are so incredibly proud of you and I swear to god if you don’t accept an award soon you are never coming to our parties ever again. To take on four epic races in a month was not only a physical challenge but a mental one too. How you did that I’ll never know. A massive massive well done. Feel I should mention a few others. Bertie you are just out of this world. Cookie you never fail to amaze-your sheer grit and determination is admirable. Jeanette you’re flying that flag for us girls and doing it in style. Got to mention Ripp. Wow. Just wow. You so deserved your time and no one can ever fault your work ethic. A massive well done to you-so proud.
My member of the month is slightly biased. After taking on the challenge of a marathon and devastatingly taking a fall at mile two I was lost. Finding me was Matt who selflessly ran along side me for 24 miles. Gentle words of encouragement and the odd argument, he got me to that finish line. Matt left me at mile 25 to do a five minute mile to watch me cross the line. I genuinely believe he would have done this for anyone not just me. For that reason, Matt Simpson is my member of the month. Specially mention to my partner in crime Rachael Gavin who offered amazing support all the way through-love you mate.

21. Wow, what a month, probably the toughest one to call.
A few mentions first that I need to acknowledge, any other month and they would have got my vote
David Birtwistle, amazing time
Michael Clucas, 3 maras, cracking times
Jeanette Richards, unbelievable time in London.
There are other but I’ll be typing all day.
So runner of the month;
You won’t accept it as you never do but bloody hell boss what a month of running you’ve had, incredible.
I’ve got to vote for Jason ‘sub3’ Rippingale, the level of determination he has put into that result beggars belief, not only that I saw him after Trimpell when he had a little doubt etched onto his face. He absolutely smashed it.
Member, another tough one, all those who travelled to London just to shout encouragement at those of us fortunate enough to take part in the greatest running event in the world, I’d like to thank them all!
My vote goes to Jason Cook, the support, encouragement and advice he has given me personally since January has been invaluable, even on the morning of London as he had his own race to focus on he took the time to talk to both myself and Ian to give us some last pointers. An absolute gent and a legend.
Ps one day you will have to accept a club award Sue!

22. ROTM – such a hard decision but I have to say Deborah Clucas for her hard work and determination to do the club proud and complete the London Marathon.
MOTM I am aware that there have been other races this month but I am going to do another London related nomination – for Denise Brogden- for organising the breakfast for those unable to make London but still making them feel a part of it
Let’s hope next month the nominations get easier

23. So hard to vote this month as there are so many worthy winners… I would like to mention a few people….
Firstly my very own buddy Sinead for tackling what can only be described as a hellish first marathon- she showed pure grit and determination to get herself round the course.
Second mentions go to Margaret and Jeanette Richards for mega awesome times in London.
David Birtwistle for just being totally awesome and getting a time that he truly deserved.
Yourself for your mammoth challenge… Incredible times, an incredible amount of money raised and what’s more is you actually enjoyed it!!
My runner this month goes to Sam Oates. I saw how much she struggled throughout her training as she was in a considerable amount of pain. Her ‘I’m not being beaten’ attitude saw her run the 26.2miles in a superb time whilst raising a significant amount of money. Rest up now Sam and get yourself right!! 😘
Member of the month has to go to Graham. 4 weekends, 4 marathons and what a great support he’s been to you.
Well done to everyone!

24. ROTM – really difficult choice again, so many brilliant performances, I could short list loads….but….Sue you nailed it for me this month, making 4 consecutive marathons look easy, raising a massive amount for charity, all the while still encouraging others and doing tons of work behind the scenes. You have to accept it this month!!! Special mention to Jason R, David B, Debbie C, the Blackpool magnificent 7 PB’s and of course Norma. Could go on all day….
MOTM – Dave Short, daft as a brush and all round good sort. Supports loads of runners and his fancy dress keeps us entertained! Graham a close second for his dedication to supporting marathons while supping wine!

25. ROTM
There are so many considerations for April’s ROTM with all the spring marathon performances and not to mention some impressive 10k results too! Certainly worthy of mention for their 10k PBs are Cheryl Schofield and Andrew Gaskill. There is a long list of marathon PB performers from our fastest in David Birtwistle and Jason Rippingale to our most determined finisher in Debs Clucas, however my nomination for ROTM is Susan Wolstenholme for her 4 successive Sunday marathons for a great charity.
I’m going to nominate Denise Brogden for arranging the London Support Breakfast at the Fernhurst which was well supported by members who was unable to join BRR in the big city!
Again I’ve probably missed other deserving members as well, so massive well done to everyone, keep making it difficult to choose

26. In a month of superb performances you would think it would be hard to pick a Runner of the Month. In my opinion though one stands head and shoulders above the rest. 4 marathons in 4 weeks. Outstanding. So whether she like it or not Sue Wolstenholme should be our Runner of the month for April.
My choice for Member of the Month is Michael Goodliffe. The organisation of the marshals for the Manchester Marathon was superb and every one of us enjoyed doing the job. Thanks Michael!

27. I would like to nominate Susan Wolstenholme for runner of the month for her 4 marathons on successive weekends, great achievement
For member of the month – Andrea Orme Wright for her continued success in organising the social runs, not just in April either.

28.Better late than never this month for my nominations. It’s been a fantastic month for the club with members achieving so many fab goals, it’s not been an easy one!
runner of the month
Got to be Sue for taking on and completing 4 marathons and raising a fantastic amount for a charity close to mine and other members’ hearts. You’ve travelled miles, worked, kept fit/well/injury free and been busy as chair too! 👏🏼
Member of the month
Debs Clucas for training consistently and quietly, often on her own, and completed London. From family couch to marathon! Absolutely brilliant.

29. Award noms below
ROTM – Sue W for an outstanding achievement completing 4 marathons and raising an amazing total for charity.
MOTM – Jason R for giving a great example to other members on how to train hard, be dedicated to a goal and achieve it.

30.Hi, I would like to nominate Debs Clucas for runner of the month. The effort and time she put in to do London Marathon was amazing. To run for that length of time takes incredible strength and stamina, well done.
Member of the month is Sue Wolstenholme for showing us all how to do it. To do the 4 marathons on 4 consecutive weekends was just awesome.

31. Hi Sue
Sorry but you have to be my runner of the month with all you have achieved, 4 marathons is beyond phenomenal!!! Truly well done If we aren’t allowed to nominate you then it would be Deb Clucas for completing her first marathon when all the physical odds should be stacked against her.
Member of the month would be Gina for organising the hugely successful Friday night runs, a great alternative option for those in training for the half.
Thanks Andrea

32. Runner of month Susan Wolstenholme for the 4 x 26.2
Member of month Deb Clucas for her effort in training for and then completing the London Marathon

33. Runner of the month-Has got to be Sue. What an achievement 4 marathons in 4 weeks, raising a fantastic amount for charity while managing to still be the boss and keep the club running. Just brilliant! 👏🏼
Member of the month-Andre Orme-Wright for the Wednesday social runs. She’s doing a great job being committed every week to organise and lead them keeping the numbers up and encouraging others to improve.

34.BRR had some real good runs at blackpool the london marathon etc so many to pick from. though sue determination to complete 4 marathons was amazing and thats why my vote goes in her favour.

35.Runner – Susan Wolstenholme for completing 4 marathons in 4 weeks. Should be no contest this month!
Member – could be many, but my vote is for John Hannan for being just so lovely and taking care of his Saturday morning runners every week.

36.Got to be you for Runner of the Month – Susan amazing running and four marathons – in awe!! Special mention for Margaret Keighley on her VLM record amazing.
MOTM Natters. chatted to her recently and she’s inspired me to feel better about myself and my running by talking about her own experiences

37.I’d like to put sinead for MOTM for nursing me and looking after when I had a bit of a funny do in London and powering through adversity in Manchester.

38. BRR had some real good runs at blackpool the london marathon etc so many to pick from. though sue determination to complete 4 marathons was amazing and thats why my vote goes in her favour.

39. I’d like to nominate your good self for Runner of the Month – no brainer 😉