30th Anniversary Challenge (2016)

Run a minimum of  3 miles on the 30th of each month. Not as easy as it sounds and we had 19 runners complete this challenge:

Susan Wolstenholme / Sheryl Wild / Andrew Gaskill / Pilar Wilcock / John Hannon
Brian Cross / Kate Rippingale / Dave Short / Ashley Weir / Debra Grady / Jeanette Baron
Joanne Weir / Susan Hurtley / Michael Goodliffe / Lee Denton / Rick Slater
Jason Rippingale / Michael Lilley

The second part of our 30th Anniversary Challenge was to run a min of 10/12 chosen races and we had 13 complete this challenge 

Shell Sears Hardy /  Joanne Weir  / Ashley Weir  / Michael Goodliffe / Jane Matthewman
Dave Short / Michael Lilley / John Clucas / Amanda Burrows / Christine Warrington
Kate Rippingale / Jason Rippingale / Susan Wolstenholme

Part three was to run 30 races . Only six runners completed this and a few were right to the last week to achieve it including Parkrun, again no easy feat to do so many.

Ashley Weir / Joanne Weir  / Michael Goodliffe / John Clucas / Jason Rippingale
Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner

The 4th part of the challenge was to run 30+ miles . We gained 3 more Ultra runners in 2016 to add to the existing two.

Michael Goodliffe / Jason Rippingale / Dave Short / Jason Cook / Peter Chesterton
And our experienced Ultra runners who again went past marathon distance last year: Steven Duckett & Phil White

Some runners chose to do more than one challenge so we’re rewarded additional for those that completed a combination of 3 of which there were 4 runners.  Anniversary Challenge 2016 ‘trio’

Joanne Weir / Ashley Weir / John Clucas / Dave Short

Two runners set about completing ALL 4 challenges. 2016 Anniversary Challenge Quartet:

Jason Rippingale & Michael Goodliffe

Record Breakers

David Birtwistle / Joanne Sharp / Emma Walton



Fastest Female: Emma Walton
Second Fastest Female: Rachael Gavin
Third Fastest Female: Jeanette Richards

Best Female: Norma Smith
Second Best Female: Jeanette Richards
Third Best Female: Eileen Newman


Fastest Male: David Birtwistle
Second Fastest Male: Jonathan Finney
Third Fastest Male: Matthew Simpson

Best Male: David Birtwistle
Second Best Male: Lee Denton
Third Best Male: Phil White

Male Improver of the Year – Michael Clucas

Improved 10k to sub 40, Half Marathon to sub 1:30 and Marathon to sub 3:30

Female Improver of the Year – Kathryn Ashcroft Gardner

Kathryn Knocked 6 minutes off her 10k time from 2015, about 12 mins off her half marathon time (and even more on that unmeasured race), ran a faster marathon than she had previously and improved her park run time.

Most Raced Male – John Clucas

Most Raced Female – Margaret Perkins

Club Runner of the Year – Jason Rippingale

Andrew Boardman Trophy for Club Member of the Year

Kindly donated by his company Booth King – Ashley Weir

We presented Jackie and Bob with the certificates that Andrew achieved last year.

Tracy Slater – Was thanked for cake making at the Winter Warmer

Thank you to the whole committee

Presentation of Prosecco to: Sinéad and Jane – roles with marshals and entries on the WW, kindly donated by Mick Spencer.